Different Types of Longboard

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

There is hardly someone who has not heard the name of longboarding. It’s one of the best outdoor games you can enjoy during your leisure time. No other game can give you as much thrill and adventure as longboarding does.

You may find different kinds of longboards in the market. But those are certainly not suitable for everybody. That’s why you must select the best one, which goes with your attitude and purposes.

Let’s go over everything you need to know about the different types of longboards.

Different Types of Longboards

Here is the list of longboard type which we’re going to talk about in this “Types Of longboard” article

  • Cruising Longboard
  • Carving Longboard
  • FreeRide Longboard
  • FreeStyle Longboard
  • Downhill Longboard
  • Dance Longboard
  • Push Longboard

Cruiser Longboard

Cruiser longboard is a popular name among all the longboarders around the world. It has some unique features that have made it acceptable to all kinds of riders. Its outfit is different from any other board accessible for you.

It has a simplified body, smooth and picturesque surface like a surfing board. Moreover, giant wheels of the cruiser board are worthy of giving you a better and smooth ride. You may enjoy a long tour with your friends using its featured quality.

It’s perfect for someone who’s just starting out. So, if you are a newcomer, make a reasonable choice to have this kind of board as a companion to your learning process.

You will be able to learn lots of basic methods of longboarding through the usage of this cruiser longboard. You can do the carving, cruising, and freeriding styles more ease with this type of longboard. All these positive aspects have a broader effect on making Cruiser Longboards one of the top-quality products.

Carving Longboards

Carving longboards are especially adorable for their extra features. That gives extra chances to the longboarding masters. You may find this type of longboard like cruisers. But there is a twist for you. The manufacturers make these boards in a unique way that’s favorable for carving riders.

If you are going to try a carving style of longboarding, you must think over the pros of carving boards. These boards will hold your feet so that you might be able to protect yourself from falling.

The space between the trucks and the boards is more than any other typical longboard. That’s why you can get a chance to overcome the risk of wheel bite. And can enjoy deep carve, easy turning, and proper speed maintenance facility.

This type of longboard also has flexible trucks that give more value to smooth movements.

Freeride Longboards

Freeride longboards are for the riders who want to learn to slide. Sliding requires the kind of board that can lose the grasp of the wheel so that riders can drift their board with ease. And freeride longboards can meet these needs as their wheels contain urethane solution.

If you want to follow a freeride style and increase expertise in sliding and drifting, you have to get a freeride longboard for yourself. It will give you the best sliding experience that you crave for.

There are many types and sizes in freeride longboards with different features. You may find some boards having a double-drop trait. You might fascinate a bit to know that this double-drop allows your board to keep more proximity to the land. Thus, it enables you to use your feet more while sliding, and you have fantastic control over the speed.

It’s recommended to use freeride longboards for the time of sliding. You may use these boards during carving and cruising. Don’t remember to use protective dresses like a helmet, hand gloves, etc.

Freestyle Longboards

Freestyle longboards are one of the flexible and energetic boards of longboard families. These types of boards are for freestyle riders. You might love to slide and flow with a balanced speed. Freestyle longboard is the way to go for that. These longboards give them a better experience while skating on flatlands.

If you are a freestyle rider, don’t bother to buy any other board except freestyle longboards. You may get an extraordinary chance to show your creative movements and use various freestyle tricks on your board.

To give you an advantage while freestyle riding, these types of boards contain elastic decks and wheels. You might make confusion between freeride and freestyle longboards. But this distinct feature of freestyle longboards can help you to remove this blurring.

At last, spacious decks of freestyle longboards will appear as much help to you. So, make a practical judgment if you don’t want to compromise with your quality riding.

Downhill Longboards

Downhill longboards are great for those riders who are passionate about downhill longboarding. Thus, Downhill longboarding is the toughest style of snowboarding. For that, only experts can do this stunt. You may get severe injuries if you don’t have the highest level of expertise in longboarding.

So, Downhill longboards can be your first choice. But only if you have adequate competence and you want to try out for this riskiest ride of longboarding. These longboards have some unique features that might support you at the time of riding.

Its stiffer boards and gripper wheels will help you to maintain the highest speed. You’ll also get the strongest crave when you slide on the rough hills or mountains.

There is a huge variation in the models of downhill longboards. Each module gives some additional advantages. 

Dancing Longboards

Dance longboards presented themselves adjustable with both types surface, polished, and crack. That allows it to have a variation in construction. These longboards seem charming to many European and US longboards. Other riders from other parts of the world are starting to recognize it as well.

When you come to have a look at the dance longboards, you might see these boards have broader platforms, kick tail and nose for manuals, and so on. Broader platforms give a vast balancing ability to you during rides.

You might be going to take a small drive to the nearest mountain. Or the frontward street you have by your house, think about taking a dance board to be your partner. Showing your tricks and movements by using your favorite dance longboards will bring great fun to you.

Push Longboards

Push longboards are the most common longboards that you can find on the market. These boards specify to give riders the best pushing experience. Its double-drop feature and median size wheels are liberal to pushing methods.

If you want to feel a long smooth journey on your longboard, you had better choose the push longboards than any other category. These types of boards are suitable for the beginners.

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