Shark Longboard Wheels Reviews

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

A wise man once said that there’s nothing new under the sun. However, innovators continue to prove him wrong. Even with the saying that goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, certain improvements on certain items can prove to be useful if not necessary.

This is exactly what the Shark Longboard Wheel is. While wheels are considered by many as the perfect human inventions, the best Shark Wheels for longboards prove to be some of the most promising additions to one’s set up. If you’re aiming to improve your performance in longboarding, they might be able to help you out.

So if you’re interested in these add-ons, read on for our Shark longboard skateboard wheels reviews.

Shark Longboard Wheel

If you’re here, there’s a very good chance that you don’t need to ask what is Shark Wheel. However, just to better establish what this item is to those who aren’t fully aware of it, allow us to break down its definition.

Shark Wheels are those odd-looking board wheels that you can see on some skateboards and longboards. They have this square-ish, wavy shape instead of looking just round and have creases that some can compare to treads. Known as the sine wave design, they definitely look very different from regular board wheels that some folks might even doubt whether they actually roll upon first glance. They do roll, though, and they do it quite well.

The Shark wheel brand created the said item and are pretty much the best Shark Wheel manufacturers today. Interestingly, they were created by accident. The inventor was on another scientific quest when he realized that the thing he’s made rolls rather nicely and maybe even slightly better than the regular wheel. It’s an exciting discovery as, again, as mentioned above, the wheel is deemed to be the perfect invention of the Modern Age.

However, Shark Wheels’ longboard wheels come in different varieties that can make choosing just one a bit of a challenge. So to help you find a great pick, here are a few of our Shark wheel reviews that can help point you in the right direction.

3 Best Shark Longboard Skateboard Wheel Reviews

  • Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels
  • California Roll Skateboard/Longboard Wheels
  • Shark Wheel Barrel Roll 70MM Long Board Wheels
Shark 70mm Sidewinder Longboard Wheels Reviews

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels Review

The Shark Wheel 70mm Sidewinder Wheels are possibly the most basic option when outfitting a commuter longboard. With the design of the Shark wheel sidewinder, you are guaranteed to be ready to take on paved roads and other kinds of terrains.

The way that these longboard wheels are made, you’ll also be able to enjoy a faster ride as it’s crafted to create less friction. With its wider measurement, however, it promises to give you more grip and control. This ensures a smoother and more manageable ride.

Thanks to its size, you can also count on the Sidewinder Shark Wheels to give you a versatile performance. As it’s not too big to give you too much speed and some difficulty in accelerating or too small to be too slow, it can make rides smoother and easier.

Shark Wheel California Skateboard Longboard Wheels Review

Shark California Roll Small Wheels Review

While the Shark wheel 60 mm is categorized as a skateboarding wheel, some longboarders still prefer to use them to enjoy speedy rides. This is why the Shark Wheel California Roll is still considered as one of the best longboard wheels from Shark.

Perfect for specialty riders and old-school riders, the California Roll 60mm might appeal to a very specific crowd. It’s rated to have 15% more rebound so it can really give you the speed fix that you’re after.

If you’re in need of Sharks wheels for cruising, however, this can be a solid option. While most folks prefer larger Shark wheels size for cruising, smaller ones are said to be more durable when used for the same purpose. This particular pick promises to last 15% longer in cruising situations, offering you great versatility and better value for your money.

Shark Wheel Barrel Roll 70MM Long Board Wheels Review

Shark Wheel Barrel Roll LongBoard Wheels Review

Like the other Shark wheel 70mm listed above, the Shark Wheel Barrel Roll 70mm Long Boar Wheels are also great versatile options for those who want to try a lot of different things with their boards. With their middling size, they can offer to do what thin and fat wheels can. This can give you the freedom to move and control your board according to your own whims.

This amps up the versatility promised by its sine wave design. With its low friction, solid grip, and excellent control, it can help turn your longboard into a nice everyday commuter without a hitch.

Shark Wheels vs Regular Wheels

Just how different is a longboard shark wheel from a regular wheel? Here’s a lowdown of their stark differences:

Wheel shape

This is the most obvious as the sine wave design of a Shark hot wheel is drastically different from a regular wheel. Aside from the aesthetics, however, the design also creates less surface area for the Shark Wheels which reduces the friction that it creates. As a result, these specially designed wheels offer better speed and better reaction to bumpy surfaces.

Slide control

Thanks to its sine wave design, Longboard shark wheels also promise better slide control brought on by its superior lateral grip. Its lip shape employs the catches-releases-catches-releases technique which makes it more adaptable. This also helps prevent hydroplaning and tripping due to surface debris.

Good traction

With its helical shape, even if it doesn’t have as much surface area as regular wheels, these wavy longboard wheels still offer excellent traction. Its tread pattern allows it to steadily grip whatever surface you’re on.

Final Words

Choosing the best Shark longboard skateboard Wheels can really be a bit overwhelming especially since they have lots of similarities. We’re confident, however, that our Shark longboard wheels reviews will help point you in the right direction by letting you look at the crucial details that set the different Shark Wheels apart. Keep our recommendations in mind and you can be sure to find your match in no time.

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