Magneto Longboards Reviews 2021

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

When it comes to buying an efficient & reliable longboard, you get overwhelmed by hundreds of prevailing brands out there in the market, and can’t decide which exactly suits your requirements. Isn’t it?

Hey, if you are truly exhausted and wanna have some stress-free suggestions, then, by all means, dive into these Magneto Longboards Reviews. Here you will find reviews about the 3 best magneto longboards, solely brought by Magneto, and can choose which one is perfect for your longboarding expedition.

Magneto, the newly founded brand in the market of longboards, builds superior grade products ensuring quality with economical value. Despite arriving newly in the market, Magneto longboards have been making positive impressions for customers.

That’s enough intro so far. Now, let me help you with the exact information you were searching for as yet. Read these Magneto Longboards reviews and see which one covers your needs.

Is Magneto A Good Longboard Brand?

The history of longboards began in California, USA. Once upon a time, Magneto was a tradename of a company from the UK. But, a team of innovative engineers bought the tradename from that UK company and started their longboard production journey.

Despite a newcomer brand, from numerous feedbacks from a lot of customers, it is clearly evident that people are accepting Magneto longboards positively over the recent years.

Magneto Longboard Review

Magneto Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Review

Magneto Bamboo Drop Through Longboard Review

What is the primary concern of longboard riders about their longboards? Yes, obviously the durability. The bamboo longboards are generally made to promise you the utmost durability. Most importantly, in any kind of weather or on any kind of surface, these bamboo-made longboards will give you an unfailing company.

Besides, the size and shape of this bamboo longboard will be other reliable facts for you. For instance, the deck of 38.5″ by 9″ is perfect for tight turning and carving fun. Having a drop-through design will give you a smoother riding experience. Moreover, its strong and flexible build quality will let you be tension-free for years.

Specifications of Magneto Bamboo Drop Through Longboard:

  • Deck material: Bamboo ply and fiberglass
  • Deck dimensions: 38.5 inches x 9 inches
  • Wheel size: 80a durometer
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Weight capacity: about 275 lbs
  • Truck Size: 7 inches
  • Truck material: Aluminum alloy
  • Bearing Material: High-graded (ABEC 11)


  • Proper Controlling: The perfect design architecture will allow you to carve excellently and maintaining speed easily.     
  • Deck structure: A length of 38.5 inches and the combination of bamboo and fiberglass as building materials make this board suitable for smooth turning and carving freely.
  • Truck configuration: This board brings out a drop-through truck design that ensures a smooth-riding.
  • Wheel configuration: Wheels are slightly soft and perfectly matched with bearings. Additionally, this exclusive design also includes wheel cutouts, that expel the irritating wheel bites.
  • Bearing Material: Likewise, other components, bearings provided are made of high-quality materials.
  • Portability: Crafty design allows convenient weight that allows easy grabbing and moving without any hassle. 


  • A longer and softer deck that makes riding comfortable
  • Flexible design with crack-proof structure
  • Shows up in a variety of designs
  • Low weight and easy grab and go portability    
  • Excellent finishing looks elegant and neat
  • Designed for long time riding
  • Comfortable navigation 
  • Suitable for various riding styles
  • Appropriate for any climate conditions


  • Not much sturdy as expectations
  • Quick turning can be tough due to the larger deck

Why you should buy it: Those who love longboarding for various riding styles can undoubtedly try it. Its spacious deck, heavy-duty trucks, long-lasting wheels make this board ideal for carving, downhill riding, cruising, freestyle, or even dancing. I believe this above Magneto bamboo longboard review has given you something you needed.

Hana Bamboo Twin Longboard Review

Hana 42 inch Longboard Skateboard Review

Searching for a leading-edge dancing board? Hana 42″ longboard fits your needs without any doubt. Moreover, its splendid quality and toughness make it superior and allows you to ride for a long time.

Its well-furnished design ensures that you can cover a far distance without any difficulties. If you are worried about the durability, then the enchanting laminated maple body will surprise you with its long-lasting feature.

Longboard riders usually face the problem of wheel bites when making a sharp turn. But, don’t worry, Hana bamboo board will not disappoint you, since its cutout designed deck will support you to ride at a high speed without any wheel bites.

Specifications of Hana Bamboo Twin Longboard Skateboard:

  • Deck material: Maple wood and bamboo
  • Dimensions: 42 inches x 9.5 inches
  • Wheel size: 78a durometer
  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Truck material: Aluminum Alloy
  • The thickness of the deck: 12 millimeters
  • Wheelbase length: 32 inches


  • High Weight capacity: The strongly designed body can hold even a massive-sized person. For example, it can comfortably carry up to 250 pounds.
  • Deck Structure: Attractive graphical design has been engraved on the board by laser. Having made of bamboo and hard maple wood, strength and flexibility are nicely ensured.
  • Truck Configuration: Its exclusive drop-through design with high angle 7 inched Paris style trucks ensures sound stability. Therefore, it allows you to navigate the board conveniently.
  • Wheels: If your longboard doesn’t include a quality wheel, you won’t be satisfied with your cruising. However, thanks to Hana 42″ longboard, it contains highly efficient wheels. Consequently, they assure both high speed and stability.
  • Bearings: High-quality bearings of ABEC 7 rating make sure the stability of wheels. Bearings contain lubricants that secure the wheels kept in place. In addition, the bearings don’t wear off so quickly.


  • Super flexible construction
  • Paris style trucks
  • Durable wheels
  • Lightweight design
  • Elegant composition
  • Long-lasting Bearings
  • Wheels contain shock absorbers for reducing shock
  • Can be navigated easily
  • Good value for this price



  • A little bit large for a small backpack.

Why you should buy it: Its 42 inches long and exquisitely laminated deck is perfect for numerous styles of riding. Its larger size makes sure you can do all the daring tricks without any difficulties.

Furthermore, Hana 42 inches longboards will be an excellent choice for a newbie to start riding, and also experienced riders can find some different tastes.

Magneto Slot Machine Longboard Review

Magneto Slot Machine Longboard Review

Most recently Magneto has introduced a newly designed longboard. A patent-pending deck design that presents a slot cut in the middle of the deck isolating each side.

The purpose of creating isolation is to develop the turning and carving abilities of the board. Due to this slot, each side of the board bends independently which allows improved turning.

Most importantly, this improved technology is the result of months of dedication from Magneto’s R&D team and consequently, this has ensured stable pushing, better foot friction, and improved turning.

Specifications of Magneto Slot Machine Longboard:

  • Deck Material: Triaxial fiberglass and bamboo
  • Deck length: 40 inches x 9 inches
  • Wheel size: 78a durometer
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Truck strength: high graded 7″ aluminum truck
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 rated bearings
  • Wheelbase length: 295 inches


  • Deck Structure: Completely latest designed deck features a slot that is cut exactly through the middle. This half-inch slot is useful for precise turning due to the isolation of each side of the deck. Despite this slot cut, the board is strong and durable enough to carry heavy loads.
  • Truck configuration: High quality 7 inches truck built with aluminum alloy assures long-lasting performance.
  • Wheel: It contains 70 mm, 78a durometer urethane wheels which are highly rebounded.
  • Bearings: High graded bearings of ABEC 9 rating have been used for developing more speed.
  • Grip tape: There are two different types of roughness outside and inside. So, two different grip tapes have been used to make this difference.


  • Excellent bearings and wheels
  • Latest innovative slot design
  • Eye-catchy design with bold build-quality
  • Slot design allows more pressure which contributes to sharper turns and carves
  • Grip tape ensures lots of grips
  • Triaxial fiberglass assures improved strength and durability


  • A little bit pricey

Why you should buy it: The new Magneto slot machine longboard has been perfectly designed for beginners and intermediate level riders. So, whatever your position is, this new and innovative design will boost your riding experience to the next level.

Final Words

If you are new to longboard riding or you’ve already danced and done free-styling with longboards like professionals, I gotta say, Magneto longboards will definitely give you a bump of a new experience, if you get one of them.

Now, if you are a newbie and want to start your longboarding journey, then I would like to suggest Hana 42″ Twin Bamboo Longboard. This is an opinion from my viewpoint. Of course, you have the right to choose the best magneto longboard among the above three, which fits your requirements.

By the way, I am at the end of Magneto longboards reviews. I hope it really has helped you find your long-searched longboard.

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