Longboarding vs Skateboarding: A Comprehensive Guide

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

So you want to try a new action sport – good for you! Most beginners tend to choose skateboarding, while others prefer longboarding. But, a majority of beginners are undecided.

What’s the reason? The reason is they can’t seem to draw the difference between skateboard & longboard.

To the untrained eye, you may not see any difference at all. But, those with years of skateboarding or longboarding experience will find the difference is glaring.

Fortunately, you came to the right place. After reading this article, you can already identify a skateboard from a longboard. And most importantly, you will be able to determine which one is perfect for you.

Skateboard vs Longboard: What’s the Difference?

Let’s go straight to the point: Basically longboards are longer then skateboards. This is one of the more obvious differences between these two boards. Because of this, it is easier to identify when they’re placed next to each other.

On average, skateboards are around 28 to 34 inches long with widths ranging between 7 and 10 inches. On the other hand, longboards are made to be around 35 inches, and can even go as long as 60 inches.

Because of their length, longboards are also made to be wider than their traditional counterparts. Usually, longboards are around 9 and 10 inches wide.

With these dimensions in mind, you can easily tell the difference. But the bigger difference lies in the riding experience. We’ll get on that later.

Are longboarding and skateboarding the same?

Longboarding and skateboarding are not the same. While both can transport you from one place to another, the similarity ends there.

Longboarding is best for cruising longer distances. This is because of their longer and wider dimensions. This makes it comfortable for your feet as you travel.

Additionally, the larger dimensions of longboards make them easier to balance. You don’t have to try too hard to keep yourself balanced with it.

Longboards are also built with sturdier bodies and bigger wheels. This makes it perfect for downhill racing. But overall, you can say that longboarding is more geared towards practical transportation.

On the other hand, skateboarding is better for recreational purposes. Their smaller size makes them easy to navigate and control. They are also designed with curved ends, and this makes doing tricks easier.

Also, shorter skateboards weigh less than longboards. This makes it easy for you to carry with your arm or inside your backpack.

From this, you can say that skateboarding is a recreational activity. Or, you can also consider it as a fun and exciting exercise.

On the other hand, longboarding is more of a relaxed sport. Or, it can be considered as a fun transportation alternative.

The Shape of Boards

Another noticeable difference between skateboards & long boards is the shape.

Skateboards come in various shapes. The most popular shape, however, is called the popsicle shape. It’s because of the similar shape at the nose and tail of the board. This makes it similar to a popsicle, hence the name.

Skateboards also have curved tips. Sometimes, both ends are curved. But in other designs, only the tail is curved up. This helps the user navigate better. It also helps with performing tricks.

Longboards, on the other hand, have pointed tips. They also do not have tips that curve upwards. The most common longboard shape is called the pintail. This is because of the pointed nose and tail. This helps riders make sharper turns.

Some longboard designs have a narrow strip at both ends. The wheels are then attached to these strips. This design is perfect for relaxed freestyle riding and multi-directional long boarding.

Trucks and Wheels – size & dimension

The simple definition of the truck: Truck is like a T shape and located under the board.

It connects two wheels to keep them balanced. This also makes navigating easier. In some cases, the truck offers shock-absorption. And this makes the ride feel smoother.

The length of trucks generally depends on how wide the board is. And with that in mind, longboard trucks are longer than skateboard trucks.

Additionally, the trucks on longboards are designed to be more responsive. This is why longboards are very navigable.

The wheels on longboards are also bigger. Bigger wheels can move the board faster. It also reduces the impact in the case of bumpy roads. This makes longboards perfect for different terrains. But this doesn’t mean that the smaller wheels on skateboards are bad. Smaller wheels offer better control. And this makes it perfect for doing tricks.

Is a longboard easier than a skateboard?

The answer to this question depends on person to person. But on average, a longboard is easier than a skateboard.

The larger size of a longboard makes it easy to balance. It also allows both feet to comfortably rest on the board.

Additionally, it’s large wheels offer stability and this makes cruising comfortable. For these reasons, we believe that a longboard is easier than a skateboard

Which One is Safer for a Beginner? Skateboarding or Longboarding!

As to safety, we believe that longboarding is safer for a beginner who wants to learn how to balance.

Longboarding uses a larger board that offers better stability and comfort. It also uses more stable trucks that offer easy navigation.

Longboards also have larger wheels that help reduce the feel of bumpy roads.

For these reasons, longboarding is perfectly safe for downhill racing, cruising, and relaxed riding.

But for a beginner who wants to do tricks, the skateboard is the safer choice.

Doing tricks on a longboard is tricky. It is not designed to be as controllable as a skateboard. You might get hurt trying to do tricks with a longboard. Thus, a skateboard is the safer choice for beginners who want to learn tricks.

Skateboard: Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the pros of using a skateboard:

  • It has a small size that’s easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.
  • It is lightweight and easy to control. This makes it easy for performing tricks.
  • Skateboards are generally cheaper than longboards. (Read: Longboard Skateboard Cost)
  • It offers great exercise for the whole body.
  • It improves concentration.

On the other hand, here are its cons:

  • Some skateboards have grip tapes that can ruin shoes.
  • It is not as balanced as longboards.

Longboard: Pros and Cons

For your reference, here are the pros of using a longboard:

  • Its longer and wider dimensions give users a better footing.
  • It is easier to balance and make turns with.
  • It is perfect as a mode of transportation.
  • Its larger truck and wheels offer a smoother riding experience.
  • It offers a better speed.
  • Longboards are safer for beginners.
  • Its large wheels allow it to be used on different surfaces.

To be fair, here are the cons of a longboard:


Longboards are not just longer skateboards. As stated above, they have different designs, shapes, and features. And more importantly, they have different uses. Thus, these two boards are not the same.

A skateboard is perfect for recreational purposes. Its shape and petite size are easier to perform leaps with. This makes it ideal for those with more active lifestyles.

On the other hand, a longboard is best for relaxed riding. Its longer and larger shape is not ideal for tricks. However, it is designed for easier navigation. This is why making turns is easier with a longboard.

With all this, we could also say that longboards are great for beginners. It offers better balance and gives users better control. It also has a larger space for both feet. This guarantees a more comfortable riding experience.

But even so, we also recommend skateboards for beginner adventure seekers. Younger children with smaller feet will find it comfortable to use as well.

And with that, you now know the difference between skateboard & longboard. We hope this helps you with making up your decision.

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