Places to go for Longboarding in Atlanta

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Longboarding is getting pretty popular nowadays. Longboarding is much easier than a skateboarding, and thus, you can enjoy the ride a bit more and take in the environment.

And honestly, who wouldn’t love to go for a little longboarding in their vacations after a stressful week?

As fun as it is, it’s actually essential to pick the right place for longboarding to get a pleasant experience. You really don’t want to have a bunch of obstacles, stairs, or anything of that kind in the road.

If you are in Atlanta, there are a few places that are best for longboarding. You might be searching for a ​longboarding places in Atlanta, GA​. To help you with that, let’s go over a couple of places you can go for that.

 5 Best ​Longboarding Places in Atlanta, GA

As you probably know, beachside towns have pretty active longboarding communities. And Atlanta falls under the sweet spot that has so many places that are optimal for longboarding. It doesn’t matter if you are skilled or not, you’ll have absolute freedom in some areas of this state.

Now, you may ask ​what’s the best place in Atlanta to go longboarding​. Despite the fact there are many areas, let’s go over the top 5 places in Atlanta that will be best for longboarding.

Silver Comet Trail

Undoubtedly one of the best places for longboarding is the Silver Comet Trail. It’s 61.5 miles long, which gives you much freedom to longboard at your heart’s desire.

You probably know that this trail starts at the Mavell Road Traitland in Smyrna, Georgia, and ends at the Georgia/Alabama state line, making it the second-longest trail in the state.

What’s great about this trail is that you’ll hardly find any obstacles that will interrupt your experience. Annoying things such as street crossing are also hardly seen, making it perfect for longboarding.

So, if you are looking for an uninterrupted and smooth longboarding experience, the Silver Comet Trail will be a solid option to go for. 

Piedmont Park

This amazing park is one of the most visited places in the entire city as you can see a lot of people such as dog runners, joggers, skaters, and so on in its paved 4-mile loop. So many people go there to freely do their outdoor activities. This place is always busy with people.

You can certainly go there for longboarding. And of course, the 4-mile loop would be super beneficial for that.

You might find a few more active people and make friends with them. It’s not about its people; obviously, the place itself is so optimal for longboarding.

The entrance, the gorgeous environments, the skyline view, all those together makes it a truly magical place for you to go longboarding. So, if you are wondering ​where to go longboarding in Atlanta​, Piedmont Park might be the best place to go.

West Palisades Trail

This is definitely one of the beautiful place that you can go for longboarding. As it flies past the Chattahoochee River, the views are just so magical that they will give you a great longboarding experience. No other place is as satisfying when it comes to natural beauty and views.

The trail itself is 3.6 miles paved path. That gives you a round trip along the West Palisades Trail.

It might be the best place to go longboarding as it has the most beautiful natural views. The river adds another magical layer to the aspect.

Overall, if you are someone who loves nature, there is no better place fo you to go longboarding than the West Palisades Trail. It’s just a trail that will give you the most soothing and calm feeling that you crave for.

Tanyard Creek Park

You’ll find a ton of peeved trails for longboarding. But the Tanyard Creek Park is pretty famous for longboarding.

And if you are someone who’s just starting out on longboarding, this might be the best place for you to learn and practice because it has a mile-long path that’s a mostly straight shot. 

Also, if you are skilled at longboarding and want some speed, it’s also great for that. Aside from the trail, the setting of the park is very scenic.

It has everything you can think of when it comes to a good scenic place for longboarding. Metal bridges, wooden railroad gives a really nice view for the Tanyard Creek Park.

It’s a very nice place to longboard. Sometimes the park gets lightly trafficked. But that doesn’t take away anything. You’ll be going for a longboarding experience anytime that you want, and it will surely be a great experience for you.

Lucky Shoals Park

If you are someone who wants more space for longboarding, Lucky Shoals Park is definitely the best option for you.

It’s a bit away from the city. That’s why it’s not that populated yet.

This Norcross park is getting popular among longboarders as there is very less crowd buildup in this park.

The most annoying thing in the longboarding experience can be an obstacle. It straight off ruins the whole experience. Especially in other places, you’ll be getting obstacles from a human. That way, you’ll never be able to build the speed that you desire. But Lucky Shoard Park allows you to be free in that case. And the 1.4-mile loop is designed for someone who’s thrill-seeking and looking for increasing their speed to its maximum. If that sounds like you, you must go there for longboarding.

Final Thoughts

There you have the 5 of the​ best ​longboarding places in Atlanta​. As you saw, those provide you with the freedom to getting the most uninterrupted and rich experience possible. 

Anybody who loves longboarding knows that this ride just never gets old. What can be better than going for longboarding on a sunny day and feel the easy breeze? You can’t just get it everywhere. This is truly a magical experience that helps to refresh you.

Hopefully, those 5 spots will help you add a bit more to your longboarding experience. Be sure to try those out next time you hop on your longboard.

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