Complete Guide of Longboard Cruising (How to Do It)

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022

Longboard cruising is a fun and relaxing activity. It is riding a longboard in a smooth and fluid manner. What can be more soothing than a slow ride through the city streets?

Cruising is a popular genre that’s growing super fast. Especially these days, it’s gaining popularity everywhere. Despite its popularity, many people don’t know how to do it well.

To help you with that, let’s go over everything you need to know about longboard cruising. This guide will help you get the definition clear. And also, you’ll get an idea about different styles of longboard cruising as well.

What is Longboard Cruising

First of all, you need to clear out a few things.

Longboard cruising is a totally different animal. It’s nothing like common skating or longboarding. Rather, it stands for riding a longboard in a slow and smooth manner. This form of riding gives the ultimate joy and relaxation to the rider.

Now, longboard cruising takes a bit more getting used to compared to the other ones. Riding a skateboard is fairly easy to adapt mostly because the rider has more control and agility over it.

But for longboard cruising, the rider doesn’t get these advantages. Thus, it’s pretty tricky to ride that. Also, it takes more time and effort to get somewhat good at longboard cruising.

For riders with a fair amount of experience with skateboards, it’ll be much easier to adapt to longboard cruising.

However, longboard cruising gives a totally different energy to the riders. It’s very calm and soothing. What can be more enjoyable than going out for a slow ride after a hard day of work? It’s best for recharging your energy once in a while.

Type of Longboard Cruising

There are different longboard cruising styles out there. But the following 4 types are the most popular ones that you are going to see.

  1. Boardwalk riding
  2. Long-distance cruising
  3. Urban cruising
  4. Flat ground carving

Let’s discuss all these in more detail down below.

Boardwalk Riding

This type of riding usually takes place in calm and soothing environments—most of the time near sea beaches, parks, or any other pleasant places.

Boardwalk riding is great for getting in touch with the outside world. It also allows the rider to get relaxed and do some light physical activity at the same time.

Some very basic techniques are necessary for boardwalk riding. The mellow pushing and foot braking is a techniques that you must master in this case.. You’d also need to learn to lean for wide turns.

On this type of longboard cruising, the balance won’t be that much of an issue. The large pintail allows you to move with ease and comfort. And most of the essential reflexes will come naturally while riding.

Overall, boardwalk riding is a very pleasant type of longboard cruising. And it’s gaining popularity pretty fast.

Long-distance Cruising

This is a very common type of longboard cruising. Long-distance cruising is riding to cross a good amount of distance with the board.

The focus is on getting more speed without too much effort to make way through the distance. Rather than showing skills or slowing down. Riders even cross a whole city with long-distance cruising.

For long-distance cruising, it’s best to get a longer board. That allows you to build the speed and mileage necessary for crossing more distance.

While riding the longboard, you will need to reduce air resistance. For that, you should tuck your body ever so slightly.

But be careful if the muscle strains. You need to sustain that position for a long time. So, straining your muscles would not help in that case.

But besides that, it’s definitely an amazing way of longboard cruising, which allows you to give yourself time to ride and enjoy the outside world.

Urban Cruising

This type of cruising is basically riding inside the city. Urban cruising is a bit different than all the other cruising types. It takes a completely different set of skills and boards.

The first thing you need to consider is the board itself. It should be a smaller-sized board. Small boards have more flexibility, which is very important for urban cruising.

Another thing, smaller decks are more lightweight as well. That allows you to carry the board around with you.

That’s an important thing when it comes to riding a longboard across the urban streets. The shorter boards also give more leverage to cut corners. Also, you’ll be able to ride in the narrow sidewalks even better.

Urban cruising has a completely different feel to it. It helps to bring a feeling of youth in the heart.

Flat Ground Caaving

Carving can be a very distinct thing in itself. But carving on flat ground is a great way to enjoy longboard cruising.

You need to use your longboard without pushing with your foot in this style of cruising. Basically, the turns and weight shifts keep the longboard moving. Flow is the key.

That’s why you need to get a board that can take faster turns. This will let you build up that smoothness in your cruising. But it can also be done with any kind of board as well.

As mentioned earlier, it requires flow to build speed in movement. But that’s going to take practice and hard work. Thinking it as a wave would help to understand this better.

The flat ground carving is undoubtedly a great way of longboard cruising. Be sure to try it out whenever you can.


The world is full of people that are ignoring the outside world. That is disconnecting them from nature. Thus, they are losing connection to their inner self in reality.

In a world full of machines and smartphones, it’s crucial to do outside activities more than ever. And what better way than taking out your longboard and going for cruising? It is a must-do activity that you should try out on your weekends.

It doesn’t matter which style you pick. You just have to feel relaxed and enjoy the ride at the end of the day. That’s what matters the most.

And hopefully, the information above helps to inspire you to go and try it out for yourself.

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