JUCKER HAWAII Longboards Reviews 2022

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022

In today’s JUCKER HAWAII longboard reviews, we are going to introduce you to possibly the most remarkable longboard brand you will ever have the chance to find!

If you’ve been ever interested in JUCKER HAWAII longboards, then you’ve noticed that they have quite steep pricing. And although a higher price usually implies high quality, are JUCKER HAWAII truly worth their money?

Let’s find this out in our reviews below!

JUCKER HAWAII Longboards Reviews

JUCKER HAWAII SKAID 39-Inch Longboard Review


Features of JUCKER HAWAII SKAID Longboard :

  • Drop-through 9.5-inch deck.
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Soft 78A 69 x 55 wheels with a wide lip.
  • 8-ply Canadian maple laminate deck with grip tape.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks.

The JUCKER HAWAII SKAID is pretty much a classical drop-through longboard – it has all the features that make a good board for comfortable cruising.

At the heart of the SKAID longboard is an 8-ply Canadian maple drop-through deck. Thanks to its drop-through design, this deck can accept large wheels, and it also has no risk of wheel bite on the default wheels.

Interestingly, the deck has kicktails on both ends, which could improve your leveraging along with maneuverability. They may also help you perform tricks, though SKAID isn’t the best for them due to the soft wheels.

The deck is pretty strong too – rated for up to 300 pounds, it should work for the vast majority of riders.

The trucks here are reverse kingpin trucks, which allow the deck to sit closer to the ground and make you more stable. The square-lip wheels are also solid – with a 78A durometer, they are soft and wide to keep you more stable on the road.

Special feature: Drop-through deck that works with large wheels.


  • Tough deck with a 300-pound weight limit.
  • Wide wheels for great stability.
  • Kicktail on both ends.
  • Supports larger wheels.


  • Nothing to complain about.

JUCKER HAWAII New Hoku Flex 1 39-Inch Longboard Review

JUCKER HAWAII New Hoku Flex 1 39-Inch Longboard Review

Features of JUCKER HAWAII New Hoku Flex 1 Longboard :

  • Drop-through 9.5-inch deck.
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Soft 78A 69 x 55 wheels with a wide lip.
  • Bamboo & fiberglass deck with grip tape.
  • Reverse kingpin trucks.

New Hoku Flex 1 looks awfully similar to the SKAID longboard, right? But there’s actually one huge difference between the boards. It lies in the deck.

New Hoku Flex 1 uses an unconventional combination of fiberglass and bamboo in the deck. What this combo allows is increased flexibility and rigidity. Compared to something like the SKAID board, New Hoku Flex 1 will deliver improved shock absorption and added skating fun.

The deck makes the longboard a little pricey though, but many people think that it’s worth the money.

Also, note that New Hoku Flex 1 offers the lowest flex in the Flex longboard line. There are 3 levels in total. Flex 1 is intended for individuals weighing about 165 – 264 pounds, while the other two levels are more suitable for kids.

Special feature: Flexible drop-through deck.


  • Added deck flex for excellent riding comfort and shock absorption.
  • Wide wheels for great stability.
  • Kicktail on both ends.
  • Supports larger wheels.


  • Pricey.

JUCKER HAWAII 42-Inch Makahuna Longboard Review

JUCKER HAWAII Makahuna Longboard Review

Features JUCKER HAWAII Makahuna Longboard:

  • 9-inch deck.
  • ABEC-7 bearings.
  • Soft 78A 69 x 55 wheels with a wide lip.
  • 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of bamboo in the deck.
  • Standard kingpin trucks.

The Makahuna longboard offers a classic deck design that we really like. Of course, you aren’t getting the benefits of drop-through decks (like the support of large wheels), but aesthetically, Makahuna is very attractive.

The deck in the Makahuna longboard is fairly flexible thanks to the outside bamboo layers. This longboard probably won’t be as flexible as New Hoku Flex 1, but it will offer a softer ride than the likes of SKAID.

Makahuna has a fairly pronounced rear kicktail as well, so maneuverability should be very good in it. In terms of wheels, they seem to be exactly the same as in the previous two picks, so there isn’t much new to cover here.

Special feature: Classic deck with a little flex.


  • Classic longboard design.
  • Pretty flexible deck.
  • Wide wheels for a stable ride.
  • Pronounced rear kicktail.


  • The deck chips fairly easily.

Our Top JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Pick

We think that New Hoku Flex 1 is the best JUCKER HAWAII longboard on our top.

Though this board is a little pricey, it delivers arguably the most fun riding experience among the reviewed models. This is mainly thanks to the flexing deck that delivers feedback and also cushions the ride.

With its drop-through deck, New Hoku Flex 1 also allows you to mount larger wheels, which can dramatically improve the cruising experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JUCKER HAWAII a good brand to buy longboards from?

Yes – in fact, JUCKER HAWAII may offer way better quality than most other brands. JUCKER HAWAII longboards are a little pricey, so you could expect better quality from them.

Another thing to note is that although JUCKER HAWAII longboards come with ABEC-7 bearings, they have pretty high quality. Many other brands ship ABEC-9 bearings with their longboards instead, but these tend to be subpar.

The ABEC rating isn’t the only thing determining bearing performance, so there are probably other areas where JUCKER HAWAII’s bearings are better.

Do JUCKER HAWAII longboards come ready to use?

Yes, the JUCKER HAWAII longboards we reviewed come with everything necessary and ready to use out of the box. However, you can replace the trucks, bearings, or wheels with something better if you want.

JUCKER HAWAII also sells deck-only setups, which would be good if you want to use your own bearings, wheels, or trucks.

Final Words

As our top has shown, the JUCKER HAWAII brand is a good place for shopping. You’ll have to dig pretty deep into your pocket to enjoy JUCKER HAWAII longboards’ benefits, but they are worth it.

Our JUCKER HAWAII longboard reviews 3 picks are a good place to start, but if you want, shop around to see what other interesting models JUCKER HAWAII has.

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