Is It Bad to Skate on Wet Ground?

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

As a skateboarder, you would know the thrill of skating on the road. I mean, the feel of the ride is just out of the world. But there are some issues to be solved prior. Like, is it bad to skate on wet ground?

Or, should you be skating when it’s raining already? At first, you might feel these are unnecessary questions. But trust me, you should be concerned about your safety first. Because yes, you should not skate on wet ground or while it’s raining.

Why Is It Bad to Skate on Wet Ground?

I know it sounds good to skate on wet ground, just like football! But the thing is, skating is not running on the ground with a ball. Rather it is pushing your skateboard to go through a specific path, almost like a vehicle, only a small one.

As skateboards are made with different elements, chances of them getting ruined with water are the most. Even the smallest part can impact the board as a whole!

Damaged Bearings:

They may seem useless from outside, but bearings are very important for a longboard/skateboard. And once water gets to it, the interior part of bearings will start to get rusty. The lubes will get diffused, ultimately ruining the quality for you.

Because once oxidization begins, there is no way to stop it. If water gets in somehow, clean it as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

Shifty Grip Tape:

Just imagine it, your grip tape is soaked with water and as a result, getting weary with time. They are supposed to help your feet. So, if the tape peels out while you are on your skateboard, what will happen next?

Yes, you will fall and might face terrible injuries! Because grip tapes are not made with water-resistant materials. Even if they were, the deck will soak the water from the tape. Another big problem right there!

Drenched Deck:

The deck is the most important part of a skateboard. And a waterlogged deck means your skating is done for! You want to know the reason, right? Decks are usually built with plies of woods and epoxy glues. So once water gets inside, the glue will dissolute.

This will make the layers loosen up and destroy the board. You also have to remember that wood gets warped while in contact with water. So, either way, your deck will be suffering!

Uncontrollable Wheels:

If the wheels of the board get soaked in water, it loses the grip of the board. Just try to picture yourself.  You are speed skating on wet ground, and it is your cue to take a turn. You turned left, but the board started to move sideways.

And suddenly the board slipped under your feet, and you fell down just like that! Sounds scary, right? It happens because of the loosened grip on your deck, not to mention the slippery grip tape.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Is it bad to skate on wet ground? To keep it short, the risk is too high. Who would want to suffer from a bad injury?  Hence, you should be careful about the ground condition. Enjoy a safe ride, period!

Taylor Jensen

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