8 Health Benefits Of Longboarding That Will Surely Amaze You

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Longboarding is a quite popular recreational activity among young people. It is fun and effortless to learn over time. But did you know that longboarding also offers various health benefits?

Some of the key health benefits of longboarding and skateboarding are losing unwanted weight, regaining core balance, more substantial lower body part, improved cardiovascular muscles, better blood circulation, more stamina, more agility, better lung function, better sleep schedule, toned and in shape body muscles, etc. 

While longboarding may look like just an average sport to you, the health benefit it offers is pretty great. 

In today’s article, we will be talking about the health benefits of longboarding and all the other things you need to know about longboarding. 

8 Health Benefits Of Longboarding

8 Health Benefits of Longboarding 

While longboarding only requires a simple longboard and your skills, the benefits it can bless you with are tremendous. Below are some of the key benefits of longboarding:

1. Hour of Longboarding Can Burn 300 Calories 

Eating healthy is essential when it comes to losing weight, but working out also plays a significant role here. In fact, many people focus on working out more than their diets. While doing so, they splurge money on gym memberships, trendy slimming shakes, and whatnot.

But what if I told you, longboarding is an easy solution to this problem. The first health benefit of longboarding is weight loss. Cruising with a board on the streets may not look very beneficial to you, but believe it or not, an hour of longboarding can help you to burn 300 calories or more.

If you continue this every day with dedication, you can lose up to 3000 calories in a week. When you are longboarding, you are basically using your entire body to move. This causes a spike in your heart rate and pushes your body to burn more stored fat to produce energy which then leads to weight loss. Now you no longer need to splurge on a gym membership or any slimming shakes. 

2. Stronger And Firmer Muscles

Think about it this way. When you start lifting weights, your hand muscles slowly start getting used to it. Over time you begin to notice the biceps and triceps coming.

Your feet and your lower body do most of the work while you are longboarding. Over time you will start to notice your lower-body muscles are getting stronger and more visible.

This happens because once you start your legs to push the board, balance it out, you are also putting your gluteuses to work. Your gluteus is the muscle that helps your thigh to move around. When you constantly use these muscles, all the muscle fibers start to get more flexible.

It also starts to get stronger and firmer over time. Regular walking doesn’t allow your muscle to generate this much energy. This is why the lower body strength of a longboarder is way more than a standard walker. 

3. Healthier Heart

This is a given in any sorts of sports or physical activity. Continuous physical activity will make your heart healthier. This happens because physical movement allows your body to pump more oxygen into your heart, which increases the blood circulation in your heart. This leads to your heart getting healthier. 

As unbelievable as it may sound, longboarding is considered a cardio exercise. Cardio exercises are any type of physical activity that allows the heartbeat to go up for quite some time.

Using your legs to paddle, and push the board, makes your entire body move. This increases your heartbeat and pushes your body to produce more oxygen, leading to stronger and healthier cardiovascular muscles. 

4. Improved Balance

People are born with a natural instinct of balancing their bodies. But a longboarder has better control over their body than a regular person. This is because when you are longboarding, you are using your entire body, your limbs, to control and balance yourself on the board.

Using both hands, you maintain your posture. Using your legs, you control the speed of the board. Over time, you learn to have control over your body. This also allows you to have a better and improved balance. You will also learn to be more agile and sharp once you start cruising in the street, which will allow your balance to improve even more. 

5. Stronger Core

Yes, longboarding indeed requires more strength from your legs than from your body. However, this sport also requires strength from your entire body. Without strong control over your body, you will never be able to cruise around without falling.

You will be using your core strength to do most of the balance and control-related work. Like a core-strengthening workout at the gym, longboarding will help you eliminate that stomach fat in very little time.

6. Stress Relief

Longboarding is not just a sport. It is also very personal and requires more attention than you think. Cruising around takes your mind off of many things. When you are on the board, you are controlling everything. You decide how fast you want to go, when you want to stop, and when you want to turn around.

This keeps you focused. Along with the physical benefits, it helps you to feel calmer and peaceful. Besides, when you are longboarding, you are also giving your body an adrenaline rush. Longboarding also increases the production of dopamine which can cause you to feel less stressed and happier. 

7. Better Sleep Schedule

An irregular sleeping pattern is something most of us suffer from. We try to sleep early, but for some reason, we can never fall asleep. This is probably the most annoying feeling ever. If you want a solution to this problem but do not want medications, then longboarding is the answer for you.

Regular longboarding in the evening will eliminate stress, and a de-stressed mind is a key to sleeping peacefully at night. A heavy session of longboarding will also tire your body out, which means your body will crave relaxation. This also means a healthier and regular sleep cycle. 

8. Better Body Shape

As I have mentioned before, longboarding requires strength from your entire body. It is also considered a cardio exercise due to the calorie it burns in an hour. This will help you to lose weight very fast. Since you will be using your legs quite a lot during longboarding, your leg muscles and lower body muscles will show change the most.

Your lower abs that have been hiding might come out as well. If you continue with dedication, you may not have to do any sort of lower body exercise. With losing all the fat and your lean muscles getting into shape, your physique will change within months without the hard work.  

Things You Need To Be Careful Of While Longboarding

By now, you have read almost everything you need to know about longboarding. However, as simple as longboarding might look, it is important that you understand pushing and paddling with a longboard isn’t enough. Here are some tips to make your longboarding experience smoother and safer:

  1. The most basic tip is to get the right longboard for you. The right size of board depends on your height, weight, and your set of skills. If you are a beginner, get a beginner friendly longboard
  2. Practice and find your posture. People have different postures and ways of standing on the board. While some keep their left foot in the front and right foot in the back, some don’t. Practice more and find out which posture suits you the best.

Finding the best posture will help you to achieve balance in a minimal time. 

  1. Once you are aware of your stance, you need to practice more to learn to brake, pushing and rolling forwards.
  2. If you are using longboarding as a cardio exercise, don’t overdo it. Yes, it will burn your calories, but overdoing it will also burn out your muscles. Using longboards to commute regularly is recommended, but when it comes to exercising with it, doing it 4 times a week is recommended. Your muscles need to be well-rested and regenerated, or else you will start losing lean muscles. 

Longboarding is super fun and addictive. Pairing it with the health benefits, longboarding is something you will get addicted to in very little time. But if your body feels sore and cramped, don’t push yourself. Taking a day off, in this case, will only benefit you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why Is Longboarding Good For You?

Longboarding offers various health benefits entertainingly and recreationally. It allows you to enjoy working out without the pressure of working out. A minute on the board helps you burn up to 7 calories, which means you can burn up to 3000 calories in a week just by longboarding on your way to work and in the park.

It helps your lower body to be stronger and your core muscles to be more balanced. Regular longboarding makes your cardiovascular muscles stronger, allowing you to be more athletic and more energetic.

It also allows your breathing to be more consistent and helps your lungs to be more efficient. Plus, when you are on a board, riding through traffic, crossing many cars, your senses are very awake. This makes you more agile and sharp.

Q. How Many Calories Do You Burn While Longboarding?

A minute of longboarding allows you to burn somewhere around 4 to 7 calories. Depending on your height, weight, and set of skills, an hour of longboarding can help you to burn from 240 to 300 calories.

This is why longboarding is counted as a cardio exercise. If you use longboarding as an exercise, I would recommend you to do it 4 to 5 times a week. This way, you will not burn out your muscles and gain the most out of them. 

Q. How Safe Is Longboarding?

Longboarding is safer than you think it is. One of the biggest misconceptions people have regarding longboarding is that cruising around on a board is really dangerous. While it can be pretty hazardous if you overestimate your skills or don’t use the right board for yourself, starting smaller and slower will help.

If you are a beginner, start learning in a park or at your driveway. Practice your stance, find your posture, remember to brake, learn to push and paddle. After you are sure that you can go in public, start rolling around in parks. Do not start longboarding as means of transportation unless you are sure of it. Be careful with the speed as well.

Q. Why Do Ankles Hurt After Longboarding?

Longboarding and skating involve your entire body. But the most pressure goes on to your feet. You use your feet to push, paddle, brake, and basically run the whole thing. So, the entire time you are on the board, your entire body weight is on your ankles. This is why your ankles hurt after longboarding.

If you are not used to longboarding, it might hurt and ache initially, but it will go away once you are used to it. But if it still hurts, it means you are overusing your ankles. This means your ankles need to rest. Reduce your time on the board. Take days off in between as well. If the pain still doesn’t go away or swelling occurs, stop immediately and see a doctor.  

Final Words

With all the mentioned health benefits of longboarding, you should understand that this is not just another recreational activity. Longboarding regularly will allow you to have a healthier heart, a healthier body, and a calm mind.

If you value your body and want to take care of your physique in a fun and sporty way, this is your solution. Apart from that, this is a very climate-friendly way of transportation that will also save tons of money for you. 

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