5 Most Expensive Longboards Reviews [Worth The Price?]

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

If you are a longboard rider, you would know the importance of having a quality board. But remember, quality can be expensive at times. We are going to talk about some high-end longboards in this ‘Most expensive longboard reviews’ guide.

If you want to know which is the best one among these five right away, the Loaded Boards Dervish Sama is the one for us! The features of this longboard are so amazing that you will feel it’s worth your bucks. Now, let’s proceed with the other products, shall we?

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5 Most Expensive Long boards Reviews

  • Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard
  • Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard 
  • Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Complete Longboard
  • Atom Drop Deck 39-Inch Expensive longboard
  • JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Board Dervish Sama Expensive Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

If we are talking about the world’s most expensive longboard with extraordinary features, the Loaded board’s Dervish Sama is the one you should lookout.


  • Material: Bamboo and Fiberglass
  • Dimension: 42.8 × 9 inches
  • Wheels: Orangatang 80A
  • Truck: Paris 180mm
  • Wheelbase: 31.5 inches
  • Profile: camber 


  • Drop-through carving machine: You can use this board for pumping, freestyle, carving, commuting, etc.
  • Functional Design: This hybrid board is made with bamboo and fiberglass, ensuring a sturdy and lightweight ride. The drop-through truck provides stability and pushes while you are riding. The wheel helps to do carve and turns smoothly. 
  • High-Performance Flex: This board can produce energetic flex to do pumping and carving with ease. You can adjust the flex rating depending on your weight and riding style. Lower flex is for heavy or aggressive riders, whereas higher flex is apt for lighter riders.
  • Paris Trucks: The matte black trucks with Paris 180mm will give you the perfect control when you are doing freestyle, freeride, and carving.
  • Orangatang Wheels: The 75mm, 80A wheels, and Jehu V2 bearings give out quality speed, smoothness, and firm grip.


  • Well balanced board.
  • Easy to pump and carve.
  • High performing flex.
  • Orangatang wheels.


  • Can be a bit problematic for heavy riders.

Hamboards Logger Handcrafted Longboard 

Hamboards Logger Expensive Longboard Surf Skateboard

From this list, currently, Hamboards Logger longboard is the most expensive longboard ever. But the quality of this board will let you know why it is worth it!


  • Material: Maple and Birchwood
  • Dimension: 59 × 11 inches
  • Wheels: 83mm 80A PU
  • Truck: HST
  • Weight limit: None


  • Great Quality: This hybrid board is made with 9 ply maple and birchwood, making it one of the sturdiest longboards. The sleek design and length make the cross steps and deep leans seem effortless.  
  • Weight Capacity: There is no specific weight or age limitation for using this board. Riders of all sizes can ride this with ease. However, this works best for 100-200lbs weight.
  • Multi-purpose Use: You can use this board for SUP skating, Carving, Nose riding, etc. Also, for an easier coast ride, this is a convenient way to utilize the street sweeper.
  • Eligibility: HST trucks provide amazing carving. You may be a beginner or a pro as a longboard rider, but using this board gives you great experience regardless of your level.
  • Aesthetic Designs: A very well-designed longboard for collection!


  • Beautiful design.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Suitable for everyone.


  • The high price is the only issue with this one.

Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Complete Longboard

Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Expensive Longboard

This Sector 9 unisex longboard may be shorter than the usual size, but the quality doesn’t fall behind as the most expensive longboard in the world.


  • Material: Maple and Bamboo
  • Dimension: 37 × 9 inches
  • Wheels: 69mm 78A Nineballs
  • Bearings: ABEC-5 greaseball
  • Bolts: 1.125 inches Truss head steel


  • Durable Structure: This hybrid board is made with 7 ply maple and bamboo, turning it into a very durable longboard. This mini-sized product is lightweight and you can carry it anywhere with you. It also comes with a 25 years warranty.
  • Quality Wheels: With the premium level hardness on the wheels, you will feel the smoothness whenever you are commuting using your longboard.
  • ERG Grip: The ERG grip tape will secure your feet on the board, hence no chance to stumble or fall around when you are having a fun ride!
  • Unisex Usage: As it is a unisex product, anyone can use it for commuting or cruising. Due to the speed increasing quality, you can easily go through a downhill platform without any fear.


  • Perfect for regular riding.
  • Durable construction.
  • Comfortable ride.
  • Quality material.


  • A bit smaller than the usual lengths.

Atom Drop Deck Expensive Longboards Review

Atom Drop Deck Inexpensive Longboard

The Atom Drop Deck Longboard delivers what it promises. This stylish looking longboard can be used for commuting or downhill riding with the perfect combination of speed and control. 

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  • Material: Maple
  • Dimension: 39 × 9 inches
  • Wheels: 70 × 51mm
  • Wheel hardness: 78A
  • Bearings: ABEC-9
  • Truck: 7-inch RKP


  • Long-lasting structure: The drop-deck board is made with 9 plies of maple wood giving it a sturdy quality. The grip tape is also present to make sure you are riding your longboard with ease.  Perfect for cruising, downhill riding, etc.
  • RKP Trucks: The 50-degree base aluminum trucks are built in a reversed kingpin way. you can control your maneuver without getting out of control. This board can handle up to 150-200lbs weight without fearing any cracks.
  • Wheels & Bearings: The durable 78A wheel with a high rebound will give you a speedy and enjoyable ride. You can feel both stability and flexibility of the board while carving. The ABEC-9 rated rubber shielded bearings provide a comfortable grip with high traction.



  • Grip tape is of average quality.

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboards

JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard Skateboard

The last but not the least product of these most expensive longboards reviews is none other thanJucker Hawaii Original midi cruiser. This classic longboard is very much lightweight and very easy to ride.


  • Material: Bamboo and Maple
  • Dimension: 33 × 9 inches
  • Wheels: 69 × 55mm
  • Wheel hardness: 78A
  • Bearings: ABEC-7
  • Truck: 7-inch aluminum


  • Long-lasting structure: The Hawaiian looking deck is made with 6 layers of bamboo and maple wood giving it a sturdy quality. The bamboo layer enhances the beauty of the board while increasing the flex. You can ride it to commute, freeride, cruising, etc.
  • Quality Trucks: The 50-degree base aluminum trucks provide the perfect control you need while riding. You will never lose control. This board can handle up to 200lbs of weight without fearing any fracture.
  • Wheels & Bearings: The durable 78A wheel will give you a speedy and enjoyable ride even if you are on a rough road. You can feel both stability and flexibility of the board while riding this board. The ABEC-9 rated bearings provide a comfortable grip with high traction. 


  • Great control during the ride.
  • Good quality grip.
  • Great speed and comfort.
  • Beautiful Hawaiian design.


  • Wheels may slide too much.

Final Thoughts

Why are longboards so expensive? I’m sure you too have had this question in your mind at a point. But after reading these most expensive longboards reviews, you can feel their worth, right? Seeing the quality and performance these longboards possess, we think the same too.

So, which one is your pick? If you have decided already, don’t wait and go order it before it goes out of stock! Also, thank you for staying with us and reading this guide. If you want to read more information guides like this, keep an eye on us!

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