How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost?

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022

Do you like skateboarding? Because if you do, I must say you are in for a fun ride! Yes, skateboarding is one of the most enjoyable sports ever if you have the proper skateboard with you! But how much does a decent skateboard cost?

As you’re thinking about the Decent Skateboard price, maybe this will be interesting for you to know health benefits of longboarding and skating.

‘How much is a skateboard’ is a common question many people keep asking about. Because you see, the market is full of tons of skateboards and longboards. Selecting only one board from them is kind of a confusing thing to do. You must consider the features, price, budget, etc.

There are numerous available options for you depending on your budget. Want a cheap one? There are several. Want to buy an expensive one? There are plenty! All you have to do is make a list of your requirements and start cross-checking them!  

And after reading this whole data mine, if someone asks you how much it cost for a good skateboard, you would know the answer for sure!

Is Skateboarding Expensive?

In general, a decent skateboard can cost around $100 considering all the necessary equipment. Sounds pretty cheap, right? Well, it is cheap if you can use your board for a long time. Be gentle and take good care of your board, it will never leave you!

Jokes apart, maintenance is the key here. But if you are into constantly upgrading the components, or breaking the deck on a monthly basis, it won’t be as cost-effective as it should be.  Just calculate your monthly skateboard expenses and you will know!

The price of skateboards may not be higher than your budget. But remember, there are some hidden costs like protective gear, skatepark fees, skateboarding shoes, etc. These are some of the extra costs that come along with a skateboard.       

How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost?

So, how much are skateboards? Usually, you can buy a skateboard for 70-100 bucks if you are looking for a reasonable price one. This is the basic price range with the most basic components of a skateboard. The brand is also important I must say.

A good brand means good quality. But there are also high-end skateboards ranging from $400 to $1000. But this is not it, it can go up by a lot. Apparently, the most expensive skateboard in this world is around $20000. Just imagine!

Is it Cheaper to Build a Skateboard?  

When you ask how much is a skateboard, the answer depends on a lot of factors. A complete skateboard may start from $160 depending on the quality and brand. You can build a skateboard with less amount if you buy the components separately at a low cost.

But then the quality won’t be a sure-shot guarantee. However, if you want great features in your custom skateboard, you can use high-quality equipment instead. The price will also be higher, but rest assured it would be a much more durable investment from your side.

You can build a skateboard at the price of $100-120 if you only focus on the lowest price, rather than the quality! Also, the durability of the skateboard won’t be the same as a complete one. The risk of accidents also increases.

However, it’s enough if you intend to use a skateboard as a beginner for practice, and don’t want to spend much.

  • Price of Deck: A skateboard deck price on average can be around $50, depending on the materials that are used. It is a given that high-quality materials would take up more of your money, but the feature and performance will be great. The cheaper one will cost you around $25-$30.  
  • Price of Trucks: For a customized skateboard, a pair of trucks should cost you around $30. You have to spend this much to get an average-quality truck. You shouldn’t compromise with the quality of trucks, because once they start breaking, your skateboard will suffer too.
  • Price of Wheels: You can spend $20 for quality wheels, the price may vary a bit due to the materials. And if you want a high-end wheel for your skateboard, the cost will be around $50. But the cheapest wheels are usually suggested to be avoided.

They won’t last long and you have to change them sooner or later, not to mention the less comfort they provide. Because quality matters the most. So, you should purchase quality wheels to give you a smooth ride.

  • Price of Bearings: Well, the bearings of a skateboard can range from $15 to $200. It’s okay to buy low-cost bearings as they will last long. So, you are actually getting decent quality at the cheapest rate. Clean them once in a while and they are good to go!
  • Grip Tape and Hardware: For a complete skateboard, grip tape and the hardware are the last steps to finish your task. Bolts to join the deck and trucks, probably $3 will be enough. Spacer for your bearings to avoid dirt and rubbing, costing you about $2.

What you should look for in a good skateboard?

Before thinking about how much skateboards cost, you should think about what makes a good skateboard overall. Because all the assorted equipment makes a skateboard significant. So, you should know what is there on a skateboard!

A skateboard is made with a deck, wheels, trucks, bearings, grip tape, hardware, etc. While these tools have their own specific role to play, together they form the foundation of a skateboard for a smooth and safe ride.

How much does a cruiser board cost?

You can buy a decent quality cruiser board for the amount of $50. The price can be up to $300 depending on the features, the brand you are buying, etc.        

How much does a skateboard deck cost?

The deck is the most vital part of your skateboard. Your deck can literally make you or break you! A good quality skateboard deck will cost you around $50-$80.  But if you have a low budget and want something cheaper, you can find them for $25 too.

How much is a new skateboard?

A new skateboard with a complete setup may require an average amount of $170. If you are building a skateboard yourself, an average amount of $120 will be needed to assort one. The price may differ depending on the equipment cost.

What is the average longboard price?

An average longboard price starts in the 90-150 dollars range. And the range can go high depending on the features, quality, brand, etc. If you are a beginner,  then you don’t need an expensive longboard, you can buy a beginner longboard starting from $50. But the quality may be compromised.

Final Thoughts

After all the discussion about how much a decent skateboard costs, I hope you have a better understanding now than earlier. You won’t face any confusion about the price for sure.

So, a quality skateboard may cost a bit extra than others. If you are new at skateboarding, you might choose a cheaper one for rough use. You can buy an updated one once you have learned the basics. But it all comes down to your preferences.

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