Darkstar Skateboards Reviews 2021

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

When you’re looking for a new skateboard, one of the first names that pop up is Darkstar Skateboard. And for this reason, we have decided to create our own Darkstar Skateboards reviews.

We’re curious about what the brand has to offer. Judging from their designs alone, we are impressed by their unique style. But we’re more curious about how durable their products are.

And more importantly, we want to know if they offer good value for what you pay for. If you’re also curious about Darkstar, then read on to know more.

History of Darkstar Skateboard

Darkstar was founded in 1997. It was created by professional skateboarder Chet Thomas.

It began as a manufacturer of skateboard wheels that wouldn’t easily develop flat spots. Because of its success, they also began manufacturing full skateboards.

At present, Darkstar is known for producing unique yet stylish skateboards. They also maintained their image of creating high-quality wheels. This is why they remain a top skateboard brand even after more than two decades

Is Darkstar a good brand?

We believe Darkstar is a fairly good brand. Its decks are made of sturdy 7-ply maple that’s known for its durability and flexibility. Most of their bearings are also ABEC 5-rated, and that’s impressive considering its price.

They also offer customizable skateboards to those who want to assemble on their own. This gives the user enough flexibility to unleash his creative side. With its consumers’ safety in mind, Darkstar also produces a line of safety equipment. This includes a line of elbow and knee pads.

Darkstar Skateboards Review

Here is the list which we’re going to explain in this article ,stay with us

  • Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard
  • Darkstar Heavy Metal Lutzka Skateboard Complete
  • Darkstar DS40 Skateboard
  • Darkstar Heavy Metal Skateboard Deck
  • Darkstar Skateboards Pro Knee and Elbow Pads

Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard

Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard Review

Features list of Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard :

  • Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard is made of 7-ply maple wood.
  • It has 52-millimeter wheels that offer smooth rolling.
  • It is specially scaled for younger riders.
  • Also it has attractive prints on the grip tape.
  • It has Tensor trucks and shielded bearings.

The attractive Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard is an eye-catching skateboard. You can easily make your friends jealous of its colorful grip tape print.

We love that it is scaled down so smaller riders can ride comfortably. It also has tensor trucks and shielded bearings to make skateboarding more comfortable.

“But the best part about the Darkstar Stardust FP Premium Complete Skateboard is that its wheels are specially designed for street and park surfaces.”

The wheels offer shock-absorption, and this makes riding smoother and safer. This is true even when you’re on rough surfaces.

Overall, this is a great board for beginners.

Why it’s good:                                                    

  • The wheels are optimized for streets and parks.
  • It helps reduce impact from rough surfaces.
  • It is shape-scaled for younger users.
  • It has an attractive design for kids.
  • It has a sturdy 7-ply maple construction.

Why it’s not good:

  •  It only comes in one design.

Darkstar Heavy Metal Lutzka Complete Skateboard

Darkstar Complete Skateboard Review

Features list of Darkstar Heavy Metal Lutzka Complete Skateboard:

  • Darkstar Heavy Metal Lutzka is made with 7-ply Canadian Maple construction.
  • It has dimensions of 31.9 inches by 8.25 inches.
  • It comes with lightweight core trucks.
  • Also has heavy-duty aluminum trucks.
  • Moreover it has an eye-catching design.

The Darkstar Skateboard Complete Heavy Metal Lutzka 8.25″ is another skateboard you have to look out for.

“Its light synthetic oil, Delrin Crowns, and rubber serviceable shields make it one of the best in the market.”

This skateboard boasts being one of the best in the market. With an ABEC 5 rating, you can expect a smooth skateboarding experience. This also guarantees accurate precision.

The Darkstar Skateboard Complete Heavy Metal Lutzka 8.25″ is also highly customizable. It doesn’t arrive assembled, and that allows you to build it the way you want to.

It also has a 31.9-inch deck that makes it comfortable for beginners. Also, its 7-ply construction promises durability and strength.

Why it’s good:

  • It is highly customizable.
  • This skateboard has dimensions that are comfortable for beginners.
  • It has one of the best bearings in the market.
  • It has a sturdy 7-ply maple construction.

Why it’s not good: You have to assemble it on your own. This may not be very convenient for beginners.

Darkstar DS40 Skateboard Review

Darkstar DS40 Skateboard Review

Features list of Darkstar DS40 Skateboard:

  • Darkstar DS40 Skateboard is 31.6 inches long and 7.75 inches wide.
  • It comes with eye-catching prints.
  • Also it comes fully assembled.
  • It uses a strong grip tape.
  • The deck is made of 7-ply NE mixed maple.
  • It has carbon steel ABEC 5 bearings.

The Darkstar DS40 Skateboard offers the best value for money, hands down. For its price, you already get a fully-assembled skateboard. And that’s quite the deal.

“The Darkstar DS40 Skateboard has a sturdy 7-ply deck, an 80s-inspired grip tape, and carbon steel ABEC 5 bearings. These features alone guarantee quality and durability.”

The dimensions of this skateboard also make it perfect for learning tricks. Similarly, navigation is not a problem.

The ABEC 5 bearings on this skateboard allow for accurate control. It also offers decent tolerance, so riding feels comfortable.

Why it’s good:

  • It comes fully assembled.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Darkstar DS40 is stylish.
  • It is made of durable materials.
  • The grip tape safely secures your feet on the deck.

Why it’s not good:

  • As of writing, there are no negative reviews of the Darkstar DS40 Skateboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Darkstar Skateboards durable?

Yes. Most Darkstar Skateboards are made of 7-ply maple. This material makes the skateboard flexible enough without breaking.

Also, the brand has been growing in popularity since 1997. It only shows how good the quality of their products is.

Are Darkstar Skateboards expensive?

We do not think Darkstar Skateboards are expensive. Most skateboards sold by Darkstar are available for less than 100 dollars. This is true even when they are fully assembled.

While it is pricier than other brands, it is still cheaper than most professional skateboards. Thus, we believe they are more affordable than expensive.


A high-quality skateboard doesn’t have to be expensive. This is what Darkstar proved to us today.

Darkstar uses durable materials for its products. This allows us to use their products for a long time. Their decks do not break easily, and their grip tape does not require frequent replacements.

Their wheels, trucks, and bearings are also specially optimized for rough terrain. This means that you can safely ride it on the street or the skate park.

Aside from functionality, Darkstar skateboards are stylish, too. They produce skateboards with eye-catching prints. Some models even have prints on their grip tapes. This makes it fun to use while also making your friends jealous of your board.

We hope you learned a lot from this Darkstar Skateboards Reviews. And we also hope that this will help you decide on your next purchase.

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