How To Clean Skateboard Bearings With Household Items? (3 way)

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022

While dirt-free bearings are important for your skateboard’s long life, keeping them clean may seem a bit difficult at first. However, the process is quite simple. Besides, if you know how to clean skateboard bearings with household items, your work is half done already!

The one thing you should remember is, skateboard bearings work perfectly with proper lubrication. And there is nothing better than grease and oil as lubricants. In every bearing cleaning method, you need to melt these substances first to continue the cleaning process.

So, what to clean bearings with? Well, you will need good-quality solvents, to begin with. And the best solvents for cleaning bearings are acetone and isopropyl alcohol. They are organic in nature and very quick in cleaning ball bearings.

How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with Household Items

If you ask me about the best way to clean skateboard bearings, cleaners and lubricants are the most effective options of all. However, it’s not always possible to get these items in your house. In emergencies, you can use some household items to clean skateboard bearings.

These objects are something you use on a regular basis, like petroleum jelly, nail polish remover, silicone-made lubricants, etc. Hence, very easy to find. All these items should have some acetone or isopropyl properties in them.

You must apply them to the wheel before rebuilding the wheels. Acetone is by far the best bearing cleaner solvent among all these everyday items. It doesn’t harm your skin or damage the bearings.

Methods of How to Clean Skate Bearings

There are various ways of cleaning skate bearings depending on what you have. You can apply these tricks depending on your last cleaning time and your free time as well.

 1st Technique: The Easy & Quick One

This one is actually very easy and swift to follow. If you are in a rush, just use this technique to finish it fast. This is applicable if you don’t clean your bearings frequently.  


  • Lubricant Sprayer
  • Scraps or paper towel


  • At first, take out the wheel while the bearings are still in place.
  • Keep them wheels and the bearings together on a paper towel.
  • Spray the lubricant on the bearings a few times. The spray will clean the dirt from the bearings.
  • After that wipe the wheels gently using a clean towel, cover with a cloth and let them dry.
  • Put back the wheels on the skateboard.

2nd Technique: A Better Approach

This method requires a bit of time considering the lengthy steps. But this one is more effective than the previous one.


  • Lubricant Sprayer
  • Scraps or paper towel
  • Socket wrench


  • First, take out the bearings from the wheels carefully. Be extra cautious while you are moving the bearing shields. If the shields get damaged, the bearings will be of no use. You would have to put a new set of bearings with shields.
  • Be careful about the washers.
  • After removing the bearings, place them on a towel.
  • Spray the lubricant all over to remove the dirt from the bearings.
  • After cleaning the bearings, put them on a clean towel and cover them to dry.
  • Keep doing the same steps for all the remaining bearings. When you are placing the bearings with the wheels, don’t keep the shield inside. Use your finger to fix the bearings on your skateboard. Tighten them as much as possible. Set the wheels on the pin and lock nuts on the wheels.
  • Now, take a socket wrench and adjust the nut slowly within. The lock nuts will force the bearings inward. Make sure to do it slowly, or you can break the bearings.

3rd Technique: Most Effective & Powerful

This one is the most effective method of all three. But it also takes the most time.


  • 2 clean bowls
  • Lubricant cream
  • Towels or scraps
  • Acetone, Kerosene, or mineral spirits
  • Coffee filter
  • Socket wrench


  • First, take out the bearings from the wheels and keep them in a bowl. Be extra cautious while you are moving the bearing shields. If the shields get damaged, the bearings will be of no use. This step takes more time but you should clean the edges with extra care.  
  • Pour down the liquid diluter on the bearings.
  • Carefully swirl the liquid to remove the dirt.
  • Take out the clean bearings and immerse them in another bowl with solvent.
  • After the soaking, take out the bearings from the bowl and dry them with a condensed air can.
  • Apply the cream and put the bearings with the wheels.
  • Put the coffee filter over the diluter container. Pour the solvent on it. The filter will entrap all the bearing dirt while you can use the filtered solvent again.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use to lube my bearings?
You can use a pinch of bike oil or cooking oil to lube your skateboard bearings.

How do you lubricate skateboard wheels?
After taking out the bearings from the wheels, you need to clean them with solvent. Later, apply a few drops of lubricant on the bearings and put them back with the wheels.

How do you maintain skateboard bearings?
To maintain your skateboard bearings, you have to clean them every once in a while. Use a skate bearing cleaner to remove the dirt. After that lubricate the bearings to work properly.

What to use to clean bearings?
Use a cleaner that is not water-based. Acetone, mineral spirits, and isopropyl alcohol are good solvents.

What can I use instead of a skateboard bearing lube?
You can use any cooking oil or bike oil as the skateboard-bearing lube alternative.

What to use to clean skateboard bearings?
You will need a skateboard bearing cleaner and a lubricant afterward to clean the bearings.

Final Thoughts

So, ‘how to clean your skateboard bearings’ shouldn’t sound as scary as before, right? If you are a skater who loves to skate all the time, keep in mind to take care of your board both for your safety and security.

Hence, in this ‘How to clean skateboard bearings with household items’ write up, we have tried to include all the cleaning methods using regular items. Thank you for reading us! If you want to read more pieces like this one, keep an eye on us!

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