Can You Put Stickers on Your Skateboard?

Yes, you can put stickers on your skateboard. It’s a great way to show your personality and style. There are no rules about what kind of stickers you can put on your board, so go wild! Just be sure to put them on securely, so they don’t fall off while you’re skating.

This article will show you how to put stickers on your skateboard correctly. We’ll also give you tips on choosing the best stickers for your board. So let’s get started! 

How to Choose the Best Stickers for Your Board?

When you are looking to add stickers to your board, there are a few things to remember to ensure you choose the best stickers for your board. Here are a few tips:


The size of the sticker should be appropriate for the size of the board. If the board is small, then smaller stickers would be best. If the board is large, then larger stickers would be best. 


The color of the sticker should complement the color of the board. For example, stickers with light colors would be best if the board is white. On the other hand, stickers with dark colors would be best if the board was black. 


The design of the sticker should be appropriate for the board’s intended use. Stickers with attractive designs would be best if the board is for decoration. If the board is for functional purposes, then stickers with simple designs would be best. 


The number of stickers should be appropriate for the size of the board. You can use small clip art stickers to make your own decoration. In this case, you need to purchase a few small stickers with cute clip art. On the other hand, a sizeable graphical sticker will be great if you like to have a quick solution. 


The price of the stickers should be considered when selecting stickers for your board. If you are on a budget, lower-priced stickers would be best. If price is not a concern, then stickers with higher prices would be best. 

With so many stickers available, selecting the right one cannot be easy. But the following tips will help you to make the right decision. 

How to Style Your Skateboard with Stickers?

It’s no secret that stickers are a great way to show off your personality and style, and there’s no better way to do that than with your skateboard. So here are some tips on how to style your skateboard with stickers. 

Pick the Right Stickers

Of course, the first step is to choose the right stickers. You’ll want to pick stickers that reflect your personal style but also ones that will look good on your skateboard. If you’re unsure where to start, try looking for stickers from your favorite brands or artists. 

Place the Stickers Strategically

Once you’ve chosen your stickers, it’s time to start placing them on your skateboard. You’ll want to place them in a way that looks balanced and cohesive. Avoid putting too many stickers on one side of your skateboard, and don’t put them too close together. 

Create a Theme

A great way to make your skateboard stand out is to create a theme with your stickers. For example, you could choose a color scheme or stick to a specific sticker style. This will help your skateboard look more put together and stylish. 

Have Fun

The most important thing is to have fun with it! Skateboarding is about expression, so use your stickers to show your personality. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different looks. 

How to Put Stickers on Your Skateboard?

Skateboards are a unique form of transportation and self-expression. Many people enjoy customizing their boards with stickers. If you’re new to skateboarding or just new to putting stickers on your board, here’s a quick guide on how to do it. 


  • Skateboard
  • Stickers
  • Scissors (optional)  


Step 1: Choose your stickers. You can find stickers at your local skate shop, online, or make your own.
Step 2: Clean your skateboard. Stickers will stick better to a clean surface. You can use a mild soap and water or a skateboard cleaning solution.
Step 3: Peel the sticker from its backing.
Step 4: Place the sticker where you want it on your skateboard.
Step 5: Rub the sticker to help it adhere to the board.
Step 6: If you need to, you can trim the sticker with scissors.  

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully put a sticker on your skateboard. 

Final Words

To conclude, stickers are a great way to personalize your skateboard and make it your own. They can also be used to show off your personality and style.

However, before you put stickers on your skateboard, check with the manufacturer to see if they are okay with it. Some manufacturers do not recommend putting stickers on skateboards because it can damage the paint job. 

Taylor Jensen

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