Caliber Cal II Longboard Truck Review

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Let’s assume, you’re a capable, and passionate longboard rider. You move and cruise to the downhills like a pro with your longboard. But will you be happy with a longboard that has a messy and damaged truck?

No, you are gonna need a well-rounded truck that has a decent long-lasting build quality and rigid tolerances.

So, without any blabbering, let’s find out and talk about the best longboard truck in the market. Here, we will be talking about a top-notch longboard truck solely bought by Caliber Truck Co.

Now, gear up for reading this Caliber Cal II Longboard Truck review. And be informed about how this truck will meet up all your needs to accelerate your longboarding journey.

Specifications Overview

  • Hanger length: 184 mm
  • Board range: 9.75 to 10.25 inches
  • Height: 69 mm
  • Weight: 467.5 gram
  • Baseplate Angle: 50 degrees
  • Bushing Shape: Barrel/Cone
  • Hanger Style: Symmetrical type
  • Kingpin Material: Grade 8 steel 

According to Caliber Truck Co., they are bound to ensure the finest quality. A lot of users in their Caliber II Longboard Trucks review mentioned that it lasts more than 2 years if handled properly.

They have brought an over-the-top up-gradation in terms of bushing seats. The enhancement in inner-step contributes to a significant amount of contact with bushing. And that will help you to make faster slides and quicker turns with your longboard.

With its cutting-edge technologies, Caliber Truck Co. is upgrading its products continuously. Compared to the previous version of truck models, new Caliber II models are far stronger.

Caliber Cal II RKP Longboard Truck

Caliber Call 2 Longboard Truck parts Review

Durable Structure: The Caliber II 50 trucks are redesigned with durable hanger and reinforced baseplate. It’s 40% stronger than previous versions. So, you don’t have to worry about the next couple of years, once you buy it.

Responsive Bushing: Caliber II Truck comes with Blood Orange Ultra-High Rebound bushings. That gives this truck a high responsive strategy.

Symmetrical Hanger: The truck contains a standard type of hanger. This type of hanger will turn uniformly according to the weight you put on the longboard.

Precise Baseplate Angle: This truck has a pivot axis angle of 50 degrees. This angle is ideal for carving, turning, and handing the board effortlessly. 

Replaceable Kingpin: The diameter of the kingpin hole has been adjusted with specs of the truck, ensuring longevity.

Pivot with high tolerance: The latest enhancement in the pivot cup surface area has facilitated the pivot to fit snugly and tightly.

Thinner paints for high performance: The company has introduced a thinner paint system, ensuring optimum performance.

Weather-Friendly Design: Caliber II trucks have performed fine in dirt, rain, or even on the muddy surface.

Caliber Cal II Longboard Truck Parts


  • The latest bushing seats contribute excellent stability.
  • Flexible user-friendly design allows for easy installation.
  • Stable at high-speed boarding
  • The package includes a pair of trucks.
  • 40% stronger than the previous version.
  • Built with top-graded durable materials.
  • Compatible with any weather conditions.
  • Smooth turning and flexible leaning.


  • Bushings may cause noise.

Final Verdict

To be brief, Caliber II has been updating its products a lot according to the users’ requirements. Thus, they have become a tougher competitor in the market.

So, if you haven’t tried this state-of-the-art product yet, but really want to have a longboard with heavy-duty trucks, take Caliber II Cal 50° Truck without any hesitation. I hope, after reading my Caliber Cal II Longboard Truck Review, you must be curious about the latest price of it. From Amazon, you can easily check, clicking here.

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