Best Longboards Trucks 2021

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Life is hectic and amid the hassles, you have to find peace. The peace often comes in the form of rides that start, end, and often happen throughout the day. While some People enjoy music in cars, others enjoy the fresh air on their faces. But, you have to be on time as well and one eco-friendly way to calm yourself down is by riding a longboard.

One crucial element to the build of longboards is the longboard truck. Apparently, it often decides how well you can do certain activities on the longboard. With so many options available- it is quite hard to choose a longboard truck. Therefore, here’s a review of the best longboard trucks available out there.

Best Longboard Trucks for Carving

There are many people who find the essence of longboards in their ability to carving. In fact, carving does not only require skills of the rider but also the perfect build of the longboard. Not all longboards are amazing at carving- a few are and here you get to know them.

Paris v2 180mm Truck

Carving is one thing that is super fun to do on longboards and the Paris V2 trucks areone of the best trucks for longboard carving.

It’s 180 mm length and the angle of 50- degrees is what makes it so suitable for such smooth turns and movements.

Furthermore, it is made quite durable and strong with aluminum following a T6 heat process. Therefore, you can trust this truck to last quite a while. Other than that, it has Paris 90A Urethane bushings which are very responsive to your weight and turns.

While the kingpin is of excellent quality, it is a bit hard to tighten at times. Other than that, the truck may get a bit noisy with time. It is suitable for a 9/10-inch wide longboard.

Another problem a few customers had with this truck was that the bushings felt toosoft. However, only a few faced such issues and this truck offers both great qualityand performance at a very reasonable price.


  • The length and angle make it suitable for carving.
  • Great quality builds- very durable.
  • It offers great value for the price.


  • The kingpin may be hard to tighten.
  • The bushings may feel a bit too soft.
  • May be noisy.

Caliber Cal II Longboard Trucks

Need balance between the long rides and swift turns? The Caliber Trucks provide you with exactly what you need. In fact, you can find out more through this Caliber 2 trucks review.

It has an angle of 50-degree which makes it a good option for carving. Furthermore, it is very well built with a kingpin that has steel in its build. You will find these trucks to be very durable. Apart from that, it features 89a durometer barrels.

The overall build of this unit makes it very responsive and also quite fast. You can use this truck for long commutes every day. Apparently, the bushings may seem a bit oft but that is what makes it so responsive.

Other than that, check the trucks when you receive them. There have complaints about scratches and missing parts. Overall, the quality of this pair of trucks is really good at the price it comes at.


  • The angle makes it suitable for carving.
  • Its overall build makes long commutes easy on it.
  • Very responsive.
  • Durable and well-built.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to install.


  • May arrive with scratches or missing parts.
  • The bushing may feel too soft.

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Best longboard trucks for cruising & carving

Longboards are not only for fun but they often serve a greater purpose- they get you where you want to go. You do not know what the roads may bring. That is why your longboard trucks should be able to handle both speed and the curves. And, this longboard truck is excellent at both cruising and carving.

Sector 9 Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks Reviews

Do you have to cruise through narrow spaces? Turns are so hard you often have to get down from the longboard and just cross the place on feet, right? Not right. With this Sector 9 Gullwing trucks, you will be cruising and carving through narrow spaces in a breeze.

Apparently, it has a narrow turning radius. Furthermore, it has double kingpin- instead of one. This makes it even stronger and more stable for cruising.

Apart from that, this longboard truck is made with very good quality materials that make it long-lasting.

However, you may find that it is a bit squeaky at times- only a few did. Other than that, you will love the adjustability, this unit offers.

Also, it offers great value for the price.


  • Excellent at taking turns.
  • Very stable through long rides.
  • Well-built and looks great too.
  • Good value for the price.


  • Maybe squeaky.

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Best long board trucks for downhill & free ride

When you are riding a longboard on downhills, you need it to be well-balanced in weight. And, longboard trucks play an important role in this. Let’s check these longboards out which just have the perfect features for both.

VJ Longboard Skateboard Trucks Reviews

Reverse kingpins are very suitable for longboards and these VJ longboard trucks have reverse kingpins. Furthermore, it is quite tight where it should be which makes it very suitable for downhill rides.

This longboard truck has a 7-inch long hanger- which gives you stability in those downhill drops. The baseplate angle is 50-degree which makes it easy for you to turn when you need to.

Therefore, these pair of longboard trucks is great for downhill rides and also the normal turns you have to go through.

However, it may arrive with missing parts according to customers. It is extremely cheap and that also, somewhat, reduces the quality of these trucks.


  • One of the best longboard trucks for downhill- tight build.
  • Aluminum in the build makes it quite strong.
  • Can handle turns just fine.
  • Very budget-friendly.
  • Available in three colors.


  • Not the best quality.
  • It does not always contain all parts.

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Best longboard trucks for freeride

When you are looking for a longboard truck for freerides, you want the trucks to be versatile. One day you just maybe cruising and another you may be handling different turns. So, you need the truck to be flexible and versatile enough to handle it all.

Atlas Truck Co. Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks Reviews

Are you looking for the best longboard trucks for cruising, carving & freeride? Then, this reverse kingpin longboard trucks can probably serve you well. Apparently, the baseplate angled at 48 degrees provides you with the best of all worlds. It gives you stability and also the ability to turn corners well.

Furthermore, it has a cone bushings which make it suitable for any kind of tasks.

Apparently, these bushings are responsible for the versatile nature of the trucks. They allow you to install it as per your needs.

This is why it is such a great choice for freerides. You will also get a good feel, and grip when riding it.

However, even though it is strong, its paint chips off quite easily.


  • Easily turns.
  • It provides a stable ride.
  • Clever design for free rides.


  • Gets scratched too easily.

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Maxfind 2PC Longboard Skateboard Trucks Reviews

While most longboard trucks are made of aluminum, this one is made from carbon steel. Thus, it is quite strong. Furthermore, it has a unique design in the form of its shape- it has a square shape.

Apparently, the square shape contributes to making your ride very stable.

Furthermore, the width of the hanger is 149mm which adds to the stability. But, stability is not all you seek, is it?

The angle of the baseplate is 44 degrees which makes this unit suitable for those turns you just must go through. You won’t have any trouble. Furthermore, the unit is very easy to install as well- comes with everything necessary.

However, you may not be very happy with the quality as the finishing is not the best.


  • Very stable.
  • Takes turns well.
  • The clever design makes it strong and responsive.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Gets scratched easily- not the best finishing.

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Final Words

As you can see, people use longboard trucks for various purposes. Also, not all trucks will serve different purposes in the same way. That is why you need the best longboard trucks for your particular purpose.

There are the best downhill trucks, best longboard trucks for cruising and carving, and much more. You have to select what you want the truck for and then choose knowledgeably.

Besides that, don’t miss to check these out, these also can help you to start your longboarding perfectly awesome.

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