Best Long boards Wheels Review 2022

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Last Updated on October 20, 2022

The wheels of the skateboard are known as longboard wheels. These wheels let you move like the wind. Made of polyurethane, the wheels are the main source of movement for any skateboard.

Skateboards and longboards have stock wheels but not all of them are great. That’s why people need to buy separate wheels to make the best of their board. So, today we’ll talk about the best longboard wheels for speed.

Actually, we’ll talk about the best longboard wheels overall. So, get ready to check out some of the best wheels in the market.

Best Longboard Wheels Review

Longboarding Wheels For Cruising

  • Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers

Longboard Wheels For Carving

  • Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser Urethane Longboard

Sliding Wheels For Longboards

  • Sector 9 Skiddles 70Mm 78A (4)

Downhill Longboard Wheels

  • Orangatang Kegel Downhill Longboard Skateboard

Freeride Longboard Wheels

  • MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Bigfoot 76mm Longboard Wheels  Reviews

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels Reviews

Are you a cruising person? Do you like just cruising with your skateboard? Then you need the best longboard cruising wheels. Currently, the best 76 mm longboard wheels are the Bigfoot longboard wheels.

Don’t take my word for it, read the bigfoot longboard wheels review and judge yourself. Right after you’re done reading the features, you’ll surely say that they’re the best cruiser longboard wheels.

  • Best gripping: for any longboard wheel to be the best cruiser board wheel, they have to have the best gripping. The Bigfoot offers such gripping, that you can take turns and cut corners at a speed and stay right on the board, balancing perfectly.
  • Hardness: the best longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads, it has to be durable and should have the perfect hardness. Usually, other wheels make sure of the gripping by keeping the wheels softer than usual. Because hard wheels are mostly good for speed but not for balance. But when it’s longboard wheel hardness, it can actually maintain speed and also balance.
  • Versatile: the design is done in a way that you will not only cruise but also come downhill smoothly with this set of wheels. This means if you buy these cruising wheels, you’ll get yourself a pretty good set of downhill wheels.

What’s Good!

  • Best for cruising on rough terrains
  • Gripping is solid
  • Durability is great
  • Very balanced
  • You can take speedy turns and cuts
  • Hard but reliable
  • Versatile application
  • Can go downhill

What’s Not Good!

  • Not suitable for slow riders.

Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser Urethane Longboard

69mm Urethane Wheel Reviews

Features of Bigfoot longboard wheels:

What’s Good!

  • Best quality wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Best for gripping
  • All around wheels
    Best for any terrain
  • Made with the best quality polyurethane

What’s Not Good!

  • Small diameters may cause some discomfort to some skateboarders

Sector 9 Skiddles 70Mm 78A Longboard Wheels

Sector 9 Skiddles 70Mm Longboard wheels reviews

The craziest designed wheels of this list, the sector 9 Skiddles is definitely one set of wheels to remember. They are undeniably the best longboard wheels for sliding. They are known as sector 9 longboarding wheels to some people.

According to their class, sector 9 longboard wheels are the best 70mm 78a longboard wheels. You can call them the best 70mm longboard wheels.


  • Consistent sliding: sliding with a skateboard is all about consistency. How consistently you can slide is proof of how good a skateboarder you are and how good your wheels are. Section 9 is among the best slide longboard wheels. They have rounded inner and outer edges that go all the way to the core ensuring all-around consistency. That’s why you can slide so consistently.
  • Hands down, the best design: if you compare the looks of the sector 9 Skiddles and the other wheels, for the design, they’ll always win. Because of the badass print and colors on the wheels, they are sure to grab the attention of everyone. If there’s someone who does not really know what these specifications are saying, he will end up buying these wheels just for the sake of the design.
  • Lightweight: another thing that makes sliding more fun is the lightweight of the wheels. The section 9 Skiddles are the lightest of them all. That’s why people find utter satisfaction while sliding on these babies.

What’s Good!

  • Dynamic attention-grabbing the design
  • Great build quality
  • Consistent sliding
  • Lightweight
  • Rounded edges straight up to the core

What’s Not Good!

  • Available in just one size

Orangatang Kegel Downhill Longboard Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels Reviews

80 mm longboard wheels are a standard choice for skateboarders who love downhill skateboarding. Among those, the best longboard wheels for downhill are the Orangatang Kegel. Coming downhill safely requires a perfect balance that will keep you coming down straight for a long time.

So you need to buy yourself a set of longboard wheels for long distances. These are the perfect wheel for a smooth ride coming downhill.


  • Maximum speed with maximum grip: speeding is an expected factor from downhill designated wheels. But you can’t expect a set of wheels to ensure both maximum safety with maximum speed. But the Orangatang Kegel does this job perfectly. You will be descending at the highest speed but you’ll also have total control over your movement.
  • Core thickness: of the 80mm the core is 46 mm. It keeps the weight perfectly balanced on the center to provide a smooth ride and buttery slide. The balance of weight is very important while sliding. If it is flawed by a mm, you’ll derail and hurt yourself badly. That’s why you need to have a set of wheels that provide the perfect balance. The Kegel keeps things on the smooth side of the balance.
  • Overcomes all debris: coming downhill, your wheels will face a lot of debris like rocks, road cracks, slippery dirt, and many more things. The thick 80mm wheels let you overcome all the debris that is in the way. The thickness keeps you going even over small rocks, keeping your slide ongoing.

What’s Good!

  • Polyurethane built, great material
  • Thick core
  • Great balance
  • Can overcome small debris
  • Best downhill grip
  • Maximum speed

What’s Not Good!

  • No specific warranty information

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheel

MBS All-Terrain Wheel Review

Imagine having a set of wheels that’ll make your skateboard look like a monster skateboard. The MBS all-terrain longboard wheels are somewhat like that. If you have just a longboard and want to make it a monster longboard for everything terrain this is the set to buy.

MBS All-Terrain is the best quality all-terrain longboard wheels. People have also referred to them as the best longboard wheels for rough roads. Astonishingly, if you haven’t seen them, check right now.

You won’t have to read the review to understand their potential. Their exterior build says it all.


  • Conquer all terrains: starting from clean terrains to muddy places, take your skateboard through anything when the wheels under are MBS all-terrain. They are specially designed to skate in the most deadly situation for any skater to be. Think of it like a tractor that can go through anywhere because it has wheels that can grab the Earth and pull it up.
  • Heavy wheel balance: These wheels are over 3 pounds altogether. One might ask what advantage it would give. The advantage is simple. More weight means more balance. In the muddiest place, you can get away with these wheels just in a matter of time. There’s no chance of falling off if you have control over your balance. You won’t be tipping off.
  • Color options: just because they are heavy-duty that doesn’t mean you can’t go stylish. There are 4 color options from which you can choose the best fit for your longboard. But the suggestion would be to choose the black one. It’ll give your skateboard the monstrous look it deserves

What’s Good!

  • Monster wheels for your skateboard
  • Great quality
  • No terrain can stop your skateboard
  • Heavy duty
  • Various color options

What’s Not Good!

  • The weight is the cause of less speed

Things To Consider Before Buying Longboard Wheels

There are many things to consider before buying longboard off-road wheels. If you buy without considering, it’ll just be a waste of money. Sure to buy a longboard wheel with checking

  • Wheel hardness
  • Wheel radius
  • Build material of the wheel
  • Type of wheel
  • Speed options
  • Balance
  • Colors
  • Warranty

Among these, you may not have to worry about the warranty. But others are a must consider. If you’re willing to buy longboard off-road wheels, or wheels to slide downhill or just cruising, all things are a must consider.

Final Words

So, now you know what are the best longboarding wheels. Now you can make your choice. According to the type of skateboarding you want to do, just buy the best wheels. We have listed wheels for all types of skateboarding.

So, it won’t be a problem for you to choose one. You can choose any of the above and the investment would be great for you.

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