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Last Updated on May 12, 2023

They say that the devil’s in the details and when it comes to longboards, it’s true. With how important longboarding bearings are to the overall performance, more attention should be paid to it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to neglect this part of their boards, leaving them wondering where setups are falling short. So to help you avoid facing such an issue, we’re going to clue you in on the best bearings for longboards in this article.

Best Longboard Bearing Reviews

  • Bones Bearings Reds Bearings
  • Heady Shake Pro longboard Bearings – Fastest Premium
  • Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings
  • Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings for Longboard
  • Bones Bearings Super Swiss 6 longboard Bearings

What are good longboard bearings that you should look into? Here are our picks:

Bones Reds Longboard Bearings Reviews

Bones Reds Longboard Bearings Reviews

Considered by many as the best longboard bearing for cruiser boards, the Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8 pack w/ Spacers and Washers) definitely deserve a spot on this list. Praises have been sung over this product by many. Bones reds bearings reviews called it the cream of the crop and the best-selling longboard bearings in the US, so you’re guaranteed that it’s a solid choice.

There are a couple of good reasons why the Bones Reds longboard bearings are so popular. For starters, it combines skate-rated design and high-quality components. This rating promises that it can handle high impacts and rough landings. Its ground balls and races that are made with stainless steel also guarantee its reliability.

With its inner track made of high-strength nylon, it’s also considered as one of the fastest bearings for longboards. Because they’re removable, cleanups are simpler. Their non-contact design also boosts its strength and provides a frictionless ride.

As a bonus, the best Reds longboard bearings also come pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant. This makes them ready to use right out of the box.

Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings Reviews

Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings Reviews

Thinking of investing in a high-end set? Then check out the Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings – Fastest Premium 608rs Titanium – Longboard, Skate Board, Kick Scooter, Inline and Roller Skates, 8-Pack. Touted as some of the fastest 608 bearings in the market today, it makes a solid case for splurging on bearings even if you can easily get high-performing cheap longboard bearings.

What makes it special, you ask? For one, it’s specially designed that it can work for all sorts of skates. It promises great versatility and durability.

Next up is its precision design. Its quiet rotation makes it highly notable and desirable among riders. This also comes as a great bonus as this product is made to have high-spinning speeds that make it one of the fastest longboard bearings around.

Its sleek design is also something that draws people in. They look particularly nice but if you’re not a big fan of their appearance, they come with stickers

While it’s not noted on its listing, this Heady Shake product is also often compared to top-rated ABEC 9 longboard bearings. Its ultra-fast performance makes it perfect for downhill boards and for experienced boarders who love to ride the wind.

Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings Reviews

Yellow Jacket Premium Longboard Bearings Reviews

Often compared to Bones Reds, the Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings, Pro Longboard Bearings 608, ABEC (Pack of 8) is another highly recommended pick for those who want the best longboard bearings for speed on a budget.

The most notable thing about these bearings is its great versatility. They suit all purposes, from cruising to downhill rides. Its ABEC 9 rating proves that it can do a lot and is durable enough to handle different riding situations.

Another reason why it’s one of the best longboard bearings is its top-notch quality. It boasts German engineering and one of the highest precision spinning on the planet. It also has engraved colored seals that waterproof the bearings, further making it durable.

Finally, with its very friendly price tag, it will really be very hard to argue that it’s a strong contender for the best cheap longboard bearings.

Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings for Longboard

If you’re curious about the best ceramic bearings on the market today, check out the Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings for Longboard, Skateboard, Quad Skate, Inline Rollerblades or Scooter Wheels. Despite costing more than twice the price of quite a few of the items listed here, it’s still a solid choice as its better performance can be worth it for the most particular riders.

Being a highly recommended ceramic longboard bearings, you can expect to get the benefits of a ceramic bearings longboard with this product and more. This product is known for its excellent performance, especially at very high speeds. It’s ideal for bombing hills, long-distance cruising, and slalom skating, so if you’re on the extra adventurous side, this might be a worthy investment for your boards.

Just remember that it will need regular lubrication, though. It will come to you heavily lubricated so you might forget to maintain it properly. Do not make this mistake as regular lubrication will keep these bearings in top shape and will make them last longer.

Bones Bearings Super Swiss 6 Reviews

Bones Bearings Super Swiss 6 Reviews

Don’t be intimidated by the Bones Bearings Super Swiss 6 Bearings. It may seem steep but with the excellent quality of its materials and its top-notch engineering, you’ll find out that it’s well worth the hefty price tag.

As its name suggests, this product is made of Swiss-quality materials. As a result, you can expect it to be very durable. It’s also very suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s quick to accelerate, rolls fast, and can easily resist high impact on trick landings.

This item is also a good option for lightweight longboard bearings. Its choice of materials isn’t very heavy, promising a smooth ride.

This Bones Swiss Bearings review will also not be complete if it’s not pointed out that these bearings are comparable to Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings. They share the same design and are only different in terms of materials used. So if you’re torn between the two, you just really need to choose between the materials and you’re sure to make a good choice.

Final words

So how do you choose the best bearings for your longboard? It all boils down to your needs and preferences. Our list above offers a wide range of options, allowing you to get to know high-end and cheap longboard bearings in one go. Check them all out and you might just discover which one suits your needs best.


Why Bearing Selection is Important

But before we discuss what are the best longboard bearings, let’s talk about the basics. Answering what are longboard bearings would be a good start. In the simplest of terms, they’re the parts that hold some of the main parts of your longboard together. They connect the wheels and the trucks of the longboard.

If you’re wondering why you should choose bearings carefully, the answer would be the fact that they have a huge impact on how the wheels turn. As they contain tiny steel balls, they help keep the trucks in place while the wheels turn. As a result, they help keep the board functioning properly, ensure that the rider will get ample control over their board, and maybe even boost your average longboard speed.

At first glance, these items may not seem too different from one another, but upon closer inspection, they are pretty much worlds apart.

What are the best bearings for a longboard? Good longboard bearings do not make their presence known. They will, however, ensure a smooth and consistent ride. They’re also designed to last you a while.

Poor performing bearings, on the other hand, friction will be a problem. Your wheels’ rotation will also be inconsistent and choppy, so ride will be the opposite of what those with the best bearings for longboards get to experience.

While you can get used to the ride of your longboard that changing its bearings won’t seem necessary, a simple switch can also improve your setup significantly. Since the best cheap longboard bearings offer great performance without damaging your wallet, you don’t have to worry too much about the costs.

What would be a bigger challenge, however, is in finding the right ones that will suit your specific needs. There are the best longboard bearings for speed and cruising. There are also downhill longboard bearings. Because of these, it’s important that you figure out what your longboard needs.

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