Basic Longboarding Rules & Laws

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Longboarding rules & laws

It’s no wonder that longboarding is getting very popular nowadays. It’s fun, engaging, and something that brings a lot of refreshment and energy.

There are a lot of good places you can go to longboarding. But as fun, as it is actually, you need to know some longboarding rules that you must follow. That will make your ride much more safe and enjoyable at the same time.

Let’s go over everything you need to know about longboarding down below.

Basic Longboarding Rules & Laws

Is longboarding legal?

Some people get confused if longboarding is legal or not. But it is actually 100% legal. Just like bicycles and skateboards, you are legally allowed to go for longboarding.

Before 2000, the image was a bit different. Even skateboarders were fined in most of the cities. But now, you’ll see them everywhere. So, yes, longboarding is nothing illegal to worry about. Just be mindful of the pedestrians and the whole environment in general.

Don’t compromise about safety:

  • Wear a Helmet

Safety always comes first when you decide to hit the road. That’s why you need to wear a helmet no matter what.

If you are an adult, you can certainly get away not wearing the helmet. But for the age of fewer than 16, it’s mandatory to wear a helmet. If you don’t wear it, there’s a chance for you to get fined for 25 dollars.

But even as an adult, you should wear a helmet for basic protection.

Accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. You really don’t want any of the unwanted accidents that you might have to bear for the rest of your life.

  • Wear another Safety Equipment (knee & elbow pads)

As longboarding has some risk involved, you should always wear some safety equipment for ensuring that you stay safe from little injuries. Wearing equipment like knee pads, elbow pads are really a great idea for avoiding injuries of that kind.

Also, you should learn some proper falling techniques to help avoid the accidents further off. Investing in proper safety equipment is a worthwhile decision in that case such as multi-sport helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards.

What about Traffic Laws!

No matter what you do, you must follow the traffic laws at any cost. Doing that, it will ensure your safety on the first hand. Those are nothing complicated as you know.

All the rules are like staying in your lane, not speeding and staging on the speed limit, not passing cars or being reckless, stopping at the stop signs, following the signs, stopping at the red light, and yielding to pedestrians.

If you are longboarding in your city, you should follow all these traffic rules to avoid any kind of accidents and unwanted trouble.

Longboarding at Night!!!

You can’t deny the magical feeling of longboarding in the night’s breeze and the moonlight. It’s a really nice experience that you can enjoy on the city’s roads at night.

But as enjoyable it is, there is definitely some risk involved in longboarding at night. If you still are going to do it, you need to wear a white light that’s visible from 50 feet or more when it hits the headlight.

Also, you need to never speed up while longboarding at night.

Always Stay Alert

Alertness is one of the most important aspects that you need to make sure you consider. That will help you avoid any kinds of accidents

But staying alert doesn’t mean that you keep your guards up to a point where you can’t even enjoy the longboarding anymore.

The purpose of alertness is just to help avoid any unwanted accidents.

Being Respectful to Others

This is an important thing you need to consider. As you are longboarding across the road, you need to make sure that you are not just thinking about yourself. You need to actually give space to others in the street.

For example, you should slow down while you are near pedestrians. If you are someone who’s just starting to learn longboarding, you should pick an empty and spaced out place to practice. And also be mindful that longboarding can be a bit noisy. So be sure not to yell while you are in the residential areas as it might be very disturbing.

You also need to be mindful of the cars. Slow down and stay in your lane. You really don’t want to speed and overtake a vehicle while longboarding.

How to Pick a Place for Longboarding

Here comes the tricky question of what’s the best place to go longboarding. There might be actually a lot of places in your city that are optimal for longboarding. You should always pick a place that has a minimal crowd and a good amount of space to get the most out of your longboarding experience.

For most of the places, you might find long trails that are perfect for longboarding. Those usually don’t have that many turns or obstacles. That’s even perfect if you are just starting out as it’ll give you the freedom to practice without having to stay alert constantly.

Also, you might want to go to many parks. You’ll find parks everywhere in your city. They usually have long road loops that are perfect for longboarding. But as they are a bit heavy on the crowd number, you should pick those parks that are less crowded.

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Final Thoughts

Now you have everything that you needed to know for longboarding. As enjoyable it is, you must be careful about safety. That will make sure that you don’t get hurt or accidentally hurt others while riding.

Also, pick the best gears from the store and go for longboarding where the density of people is less in general. Usually, long trails are better than anything as turns or other obstacles tend to ruin the whole experience of longboarding.

Finally, you should remember that you are longboarding for fun. You should not let anything come in your way stopping you from enjoying the outside moments for a bit. Whenever you have the time, just go for longboarding as it will energize you for the rest of the days.

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