Atom Longboards Review 2021 – Are they good?

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Last Updated on July 29, 2021

Established in 2005, Atom Longboards is a US-based longboard manufacturer. The longboard line of Atom includes a wide range of longboards, starting with very pocket-friendly beginner-level models and ending with quality longboards that cost a few hundred dollars.

Notably, Atom offers longboards of various styles, including downhill, drop-through, drop-deck, and even electric! What’s also very nice about Atom is that it sells various accessories for its longboards, so you don’t have to look for any third-party parts to upgrade your board.

Top 3 Atom Longboards Reviews

Below, we will introduce you to some Best Atom longboards that we think are perfectly representative of the brand’s entire line. We will go through their features, explain what makes them unique, and will cover their disadvantages so that you know what you are dealing with.

Atom 41 Drop Deck Longboard Review

Atom Drop Deck 41 inch Longboard Review

Features of Atom 41 Drop Deck Longboard:

  • Lowered drop-through 9.5-inch deck.
  • ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Soft 78A 70 x 51 wheels with a wide lip.
  • 9-ply maple laminate deck with 80-grit grip tape.
  • Reverse kingpin 245mm trucks.

The Atom Drop Deck longboard is an excellent choice for those who want a stable ride. The highlight of this longboard is the lowered drop-through deck.

See how the middle of the deck is about 2 inches lower than the rest? This is going to keep you closer to the ground and more stable. Now, the deck might bang on curbs, but this shouldn’t be a problem in flatter areas.

The truck design here is reverse kingpin – that is, the kingpin is installed through the deck. This also allows the longboard to sit lower and overall stay more compact.

The wheels here are wide and have a square lip too – excellent for grip and stability. Maneuverability suffers a little, but that’s the price you have to pay for a comfier ride.

Thanks to their softness, the 78A wheels will also absorb shock and deliver a better grip.

Special feature : Atom Drop-Deck Longboard has Lowered drop-through deck.


  • Pretty tough deck.
  • Keeps you closer to the ground and stable.
  • Wide wheels for added stability.
  • The drop-through deck supports larger wheels.


  • The low deck may bang on curbs.
  • Not the best maneuverability.

Atom 40-Inch Drop-Through Longboard Review

Atom Drop Through Longboard Review

Features of Atom Drop-Through Longboard:

  • Drop-through 10-inch camber deck.
  • ABEC-9 bearings.
  • Soft & wide-lip 78A 70 x 51 wheels.
  • 8-ply laminate (7 ply maple + 1 ply bamboo) deck with 80-grit grip tape.
  • Reverse kingpin truck.

The second pick for our Atom longboards reviews is the Atom Drop-Through longboard (40-inch). This longboard goes in a little different direction than our first pick.

Though this model again has a drop-through deck, it is actually cambered – raised in the middle, that is. This along with the 1 layer of bamboo makes the board rather springy and improves carving experience.

The deck is 10 inches wide as well, so it provides a little extra room for foot placement. As for the wheels, they are exactly the same as in the 41-inch longboard, so this board should be similar in terms of shock absorbency and grip.

Be mindful that in terms of stability though, this longboard will be worse than the 41-inch Drop Deck longboard because it keeps you higher.

Special feature: Atom Drop-Through Longboard has Camber drop-through deck with a nice flex.


  • Nice springy feel in the deck thanks to the camber.
  • Good stability thanks to the wide wheels.
  • Works with larger wheels.
  • The wide deck provides more room for your feet.


  • The bearings may be stiff out of the box.
  • Keeps you high off the ground, which could compromise stability.

Atom 39-Inch Pin-Tail Longboard Review

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard Review

Features of Atom Pin-Tail Longboard:

  • 9.4-inch deck with a slight camber.
  • ABEC-5 bearings.
  • Soft & round-lip 65 x 35mm 78A wheels.
  • 8-ply maple laminate deck with 80-grit grip tape.
  • Standard kingpin trucks.

This longboard offers a classical longboard design with a pin-tail deck. Although this deck doesn’t really offer anything special (unlike our previous picks), it delivers all-around good performance for cruising and perhaps very simple tricks.

The deck is very slightly cambered as well, so it will have a light springy feel to it. This will make the board nice at carving.

The wheels here are pretty notable too. Although they are again 78A – that is, soft – they have a round lip. The round-lip wheels won’t be as stable as square ones, but they will allow for way better carving experience and improved maneuverability.

A fairly inexpensive board, the Pin-Tail is again excellently suitable for beginners. With that said, it has rather weak ABEC-5 bearings along with subpar trucks and wheels. The deck is nice though – by upgrading everything else, you could make this longboard quite a road monster!

Special feature: Atom pin-tail Longboard has Round wheels for added maneuverability and a nicer carving experience.


  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Very nice pick for beginners.
  • Good deck quality.
  • Offers a nice carving experience.
  • Great maneuverability.


  • Again, not the best bearings.
  • The small wheels aren’t the best for cruising.


So yes, Atom longboards are good, but they are not perfect. Cheaper longboards have good decks, but everything else is hit-and-miss. The more expensive longboard 41 Drop-Deck and 41-inch Drop-Through are overall great but may require some tuning to become perfect, which is important to remember.

And that concludes our Atom longboards reviews!

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